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Night vision

What are Night Vision devices

Night vision devices are aimed at observation in conditions of almost no light. These devices have different operating principles. The work of this gadgets bases on the principle of reflecting light from the object and focusing light waves on the special photocathode. The night vision equipment features a powerful electron amplifier, has a significantly longer operating time and exhibits good contrast throughout the field of vision without requiring auxiliary lighting. A popular technology - the use of infrared for surveillance, it allows you to see even if there is a weak light source nearby.

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Sphere of Application

Devices of this type are widely used in night operations, for covert surveillance (reconnaissance) in the dark and in dark rooms, driving without the use of headlights demasking light, etc.For a hunter, modern optics will be an indispensable assistant. Special night vision devices will also be useful for tourists and law enforcement officers. Night vision devices help to distinguish objects in the absence of lighting. It is therefore also applicable for military operations or for the detection of hidden criminals. It is necessary for the work of military, police or security forces.