Thermal Monoculars

Thermal Monoculars

What are Thermal Monoculars

A thermal monocular is a handy device that you can use with one hand.

Features that make it easy to use and distinguish it from night vision devices:

  • e-zoom functions;
  • interchangeable optics;
  • color mode;
  • black/white polarity;
  • enhanced imaging;
  • ergonomic designs.

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Thermal technology uses radiation and a temperature gradient in operation. The resulting picture will have no noise and no defects. The picture on the screen is much more acceptable to the user's eye, because of its background. The color of background is white or warm against a cold grey. 

These tactical cameras are compact. In addition, it can be operated with one hand. The device reacts to power-up almost instantly, to keep you informed of any situation. Stand-by mode provide for some types of thermal gadgets, which means that you can turn the device on very quickly, if it is necessary.

Monoculars use heat rays to detect hidden objects. This allows the device to find a target in darkness, fog, regardless of the time of the day. The device works well during the day and at night.

Sphere of application

The thermal technology is largely used for situations such as:

  • patrolling;
  • law enforcement;
  • search and rescue;
  • drug control;
  • anti-smuggling;
  • tourism;
  • travel;
  • hunting, etc.

 The hand-held monocular is ideal for outdoor use, for home security, or even as a tool for a rescue team. It is possible because of the robust, weatherproof housing and compact design of the equipment. The devices are suitable for police, military, rescue and personal use. AMG Global Vision supports all applications of thermal imaging cameras.