Night Vision Weapon Sights

What are Night Vision Weapon Sights

The night vision rifle scope works on the principle of amplifying the weak illumination of objects by means of an infrared spotlight and a special optical electronic converter. Night sights can be electronic and optically digital. AGM Global Vision is pleased to present you a wide range of night vision sights.

The device is mounted on a weapon, which makes it easy to work with it - you do not have to be distracted by objects in your hands, and you can use the vision in the dark by the few seconds.

The night vision scopes have a sighting grid and alignment mechanisms, which means that it will be much easier to aim using the markings. A sturdy bracket ensures the gadget is securely attached to the weapon. The mechanism prevents accidental loss of an expensive night vision scope. The sight also features an impact-resistant body that is resistant to recoil.

Sphere of application 

The onset of night makes it much more difficult for a hunter, guard or soldier. The paints thicken, merge and visibility becomes virtually zero. We have to get out of this situation: we have to keep surveillance anyway. Hunting, object protection, search and rescue, military - the main sphere of application of sights. The best night vision scope make it possible to lurk and become almost invisible in the dark, which gives privilege and maneuverability, so you can get closer to the target.

Most models contain the following additions:

  • long-range infrared illuminator;
  • 3x zoom function;
  • different color palettes;
  • standalone power supply with Wi-Fi module.
The night vision rifle scopes are divided into 3 generations.

  • Gen 1 - high resolution at low price per device.
  • Gen 2 - replaced green with grey color of image, which is better perceived by the eye.

  • Gen 3 - allows you to view an object at a distance of 300 yards.