IR Lights

IR light is a terrific device for you, no matter where you are going to use it. This device, namely infra-red lights for night vision, can simplify your life and give you a huge advantage. Sounds easy, right? But there is one problem: how to choose ir lights for night vision? And this is a difficult question.

How ir lights work

With AGM Global Vision, any complexity is simplified. Therefore, we will talk about the nuances that will help you get precisely what you need.

Night vision devices do not work as a thermal imager. You will not see the thermal signature of the target, only its image in the selected colour palette in enhanced brightness. Night vision devices can conditionally be divided into two types - digital and analog. Each has its advantages and disad-vantages, but, undoubtedly, digital devices today are the most practical and modern.

But even current versions of devices that allow you to see at night work correctly in conditions of ex-cellent visibility. For example, with the full moon, but as soon as the moon sets behind the clouds, the image will begin to deteriorate.

And in such circumstances, ir light will come to your aid. Invisible to the human eye, it is perfectly visible through the eyepiece of your device and can orient you even in adverse weather conditions.

How to choose infrared lights for night vision

You should decide which specific ir lights for night vision you need if your appliance is not equipped with it. You have to choose between built-in or removable ir light, autonomous or working in conjunction.

Also, it is essential to remember that the devices show a brighter picture with infrared radiation of a shorter length, respectively, 850 Nm lights will be more practical than 970 Nm.

As you can see, choosing infrared lights for night vision is not as easy as it sounds. Therefore, the advice, in this case, is difficult to overestimate. And AGM Globalvision is the ones who will help you make the perfect choice at the right price.