Night Vision Monoculars

Night Vision Monoculars

What are Night Vision Monoculars

The monocular is the most popular among the night vision. This device has low weight, as well as compact size. The device lies comfortably in your hand, in case you need to focus on a target for accurate observation. However, almost all night vision monoculars are equipped with a monocular attachment, right before the eye of the beholder, thus freeing up hands for other manipulations.

Another advantage over dimensional devices is the ability to attach a monocular night vision to a helmet or rifle using special fasteners. Due to its parameters, it will not obstruct human movement and will increase opportunities for vision in the dark many times.

There are two types of devices - digital and electronic-optical. Some models are equipped with multiple lenses to match the required magnification.

Sphere of application

Night vision monocular is used for hunting, security and other tactical tasks. It is the most common type of night vision devices, due to its relatively low price. It is not a matter of principle whether you are a beginner hunter or a professional using another optical technique. The monocular is ideal for all professional specializations: military, rescue and police scouts. It is also widely used for civil purposes: extreme travel, aviation, repair work, to protect the area; speleologists and climbers.
Advantages of the multi-purpose digital night vision monocular are:

  • Compact dimensions;
  • Affordable price;
  • Can be used as a sight;
  • Can be combined into binoculars;
  • Small weight;
  • Small size;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Long service life;

  • Fixation on a mask or helmet.