Night Vision Goggles

Night Vision Goggles

What are Night Vision Goggles 

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The undoubted advantage of goggles, over other night vision devices is that they are attached directly to the human's head, or to a helmet. Which means that the hands are free and the wearer has no difficulty of moving around.

Sphere of application

NVGS are widely used for surveillance, aiming and driving in both military and civilian vehicles. They are widely used for border, customs and rescue services, for industrial technological control, mining, scientific research, animal behavior surveillance, night orientation, astronomical observations, etc. Special attention should be paid to the use of night vision glasses for the protection and operation of security services and special units.
A distinction is made between binocular and pseudobinocular goggles.

  • Binocular glasses provide a smooth adjustment of the distance between the pupils of the eyes, resulting in a stereoscopic image. This is convenient for night driving.
  • Pseudobinocular glasses use one lens and one screen. The image is diluted to both eyes using a pseudo-device microscope. This ensures minimal weight and low cost of the device.
  •  In any case, it is much more natural to look over two eyes to the NVG than with one eye.

Because the equipment is fixed on the head or helmet, there is no disbalance of the weapon and the shooting becomes more accurate.

Do not forget that the glasses have a wide field of view and do not enlarge the image. You get a wide picture around you and all the objects you see are of real size. It is very convenient if you are used to trust your eyesight.