Thermal Clip-On Systems

What are Thermal Clip-On Systems

As you know, all objects in the world emit a small amount of heat. Thermal sights allow distinguishing  objects with temperature above absolute zero. This means that it is only possible to distinguish objects that emit heat thanks to a thermal imaging camera system, regardless of the natural conditions - at night, in the mist or when there is no visibility.

However, what can you do if you want to use both daytime optics and thermal imaging at once? The best answer is the thermal clip on system.

The device is mounted on the weapon and allows you to switch the observation modes in seconds, without losing the picture quality and without knocking down the sight. These sights have strong metal fastening with lever-switch.

AGM Global Vision offers many devices in the catalog, most of them are made of strong aluminum alloys, which ensures their strength and lightweight.

Sphere of application

Using clip on thermal scopes is easy and convenient. That's why AGM Global Vision offers a choice of these systems for military, rescue, tactical and other applications. If you need to switch between vision modes without losing the picture on the screen without any calibration quickly - take a look at these products.

Whether you are acquiring the system to work for the protection of the public or for personal use - hunting, tourism, training or protecting your property - the system will improve your skills. 

Some additions, that will be useful in tactical work with thermal clip on:

  • switching between daylight and heat vision in seconds;
  • during the switching process the sight does not come off and calibration is not necessary;
  • sturdy mounts and quickly silent switching;
  • distance control;
  • lightweight and user-friendly design;
  • micro USB connection;

  • external power supply 2 standard batteries.