Night Vision Accessories

Night Vision Accessories

What are Night Vision Accessories

Hunting equipment is not only guns, cartridges, binoculars and night vision devices with infrared illumination. To buy goods and night vision accessory for hunting - it means to buy a lot of pleasant and necessary little things that facilitate the task of tracking and shooting prey, make it as safe and comfortable as possible.

All of these components will help you to discover the capabilities of night vision and thermal imaging devices and scopes more fully and effectively.

AGM Global Vision presents you a variety of useful devices for a comfortable hunting or work.

The night vision accessories ensure comfortable and long lasting use of thermal sights and night vision devices. Such additions extend the capabilities of thermal imaging cameras, sights, some of them are responsible for protecting the devices from scratches, chips during transportation and use.

The range of accessories of night vision gear includes a large number of items:

  • LED and laser infrared illuminators;
  • rechargeable rechargeable batteries of standard and extended capacity;
  • brackets for mounting sights on various smoothbore and rifled hunting weapons;
  • interchangeable lenses;
  • mounts;
  • tripods;
  • adapters.
Sphere of application

Night vision gear increases the functionality of devices (for example, DOS adapters or video recorders);

  • increase operating comfort (eyecups, helmet masks, helmet mountings);
  • increase the service life of devices (lens caps);
  • help to keep night vision devices in working condition even far from civilization (battery packs, batteries), charging for batteries).

In addition, the devices allow you to save significantly on the purchase of a new unit for observation and hunting, simply by adding to the model used several functional accessories.