Thermal Binoculars

What are Thermal Binoculars

AGM Global Vision offers thermal binoculars for sale that is easy to use by one-handed system. This optical system works with heat, coming from bodies and objects, so it is effective in total darkness or daylight. Also, infrared radiation goes through obstructions such as smoke and fog, and displays a good quality picture to the camera’s screen.

Thermal binoculars has a number of features that distinguish it from other thermal imaging cameras, such as sensor synthesis, image stabilization and pairing with the phone (iOS and Android).

AGM Global Vision represents a system, which is self-sufficient. It works autonomously, or attached to a car, or helmet.

Sphere of application

These thermal vision binoculars can capture objects from more than 100 yards in a daylight or in the dark at night. That is why the devices are widely used by security systems and police, to detect criminals or to find evidence. The device has an intuitive interface and is lightweight, so it is available for individual use. 
Binoculars benefits are:

  • ability to record video and take photos in high quality;
  • an ultra-sensitive thermal imaging detector;
  • good quality screen and great optics;
  • zoom camera;
  • GPS;
  • ability to work with the smartphone by WI-FI or Bluetooth;
  • integrated compass;
  • a stylish hull design and the durable materials it is made of;

  • it works independently or with the smartphone