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Best laser and illumination

Lasers and illuminations are indispensable for night hunting. You greatly improve the quality and range of observation by using these devices. In addition, they allow you to improve image detail 2-3 times. Such gears are in demand for hunting, object protection and outdoor surveillance. These powerful and very compact devices can be easily attached to monoculars, sights, night vision goggles, etc.

The devices work perfectly even in low light conditions (strong cloud cover, no moon and total darkness). It will help to identify the object, to examine it in detail. Lighting tolls have power control, which means that you can check not only the brightness level of the flashlight, but also the duration of battery charge retention.

The devices are quite light (up to 200 grams) and do not take up much space during transportation and storage. They work from one set of batteries for 2-8 hours.

AGM Global Vision represents the best lasers and illuminations in our catalog.