Thermal Weapon Sights

Thermal Weapon Sights

What are Thermal Weapon Sights

Thermal Weapon Sight is the best optical device you can mounted on a different type of guns. AGM Global Vision thermal imaging sight is made from tough and reliable materials, which have lightweight and works in different weather conditions as well. Like many thermal imaging cameras, the sights work with thermal signatures and gradient, which allows the best image quality to be reproduced on the screen. Unlike standard night vision devices, thermal sights detect targets even in the most unsuitable weather conditions, such as fog, total darkness or smoke.

Sphere of application

In order to assess the scope of the device, it is important to understand how the thermal rifle sight works. First of all, the devices read the thermal activity of objects and transmit the circuit to the screen. This means that when viewed, you will see a clear contour of the object, without elaboration or detail. This means that the sight is much more effective for hunting big game or monitoring the movement of people than for shooting targets, for example.

In large military or police organizations, thermal gun sight is also widely used. It allows you to react quickly to changes in the location of an enemy or an intruder.

Another convenient feature is that the sight has a recording device that you can control remotely. Video and photo are recorded on the internal memory, so you can watch it later, or show it to friends or employees. This is very useful when it comes to trials or when evidence is needed.

The most important parameters of the sights are primarily the lens diameter, resolution, extension and battery life. However, do not forget about other properties of thermal rifle sight. It is:

  • multi-pixel screen
  • built-in compass and horizon sensor
  • ability to colorize the palettes
  • ability to select different types of reticle patterns in the eyepiece
  • recording video and photos in high quality. Store materials on the device's built-in memory
  • USB connection, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • charge balance sensor
  • short period of time between switching on and starting work
  • sturdy materials of corpus
  • reliable and quick-release fastening of a sight to the weapon

 The device is protected against dust and moisture and is impact-resistant.