Night Vision Clip-On Systems

Night Vision Clip-On Systems

What are Night Vision Clip-On Systems

Using the night vision clip on scope may it to preserve the advantages and algorithm of daytime optics in night conditions. Consistent placement of optical and electronic components on the weapon, allows the shooter to ignore the fact, that night vision clip on is in front of the telescope sight during nighttime shooting. There is also no need to make any additional adjustments to the sights. The system is easy to use and it’s silent during mode switching. You can be sure that you won't scare animal or draw attention of target.

Clip-on sys is an effective means of detecting even moving large animals, such as boars, deer or elks, at distances of up to 450-500 meters.

The device also has the following properties:

  • High night sensitivity;
  • HD resolution of the sensor and display;
  • A wide range of brightness and contrast adjustments;
  • High quality luminous optics;
  • Powerful built-in IR illuminator for total darkness.

 You don't have to look anymore - connecting day and night optics is the best clip on night vision - AGM Global Vision.

Sphere of application

Сlip on night vision systems are widely used for covert observation at night and in dark rooms. They are used for different purposes - hunting and tourism, security of industrial or private facilities, various military sports games, search and rescue of people, patrolling certain areas.But the widest scope of application is still:

  • Military;
  • Night hunting;
  • Video hunting;
  • Security of property;
  • Personal and public safety.

Due to its lightweight and sturdy housing, the system can be used with active tracking, e.g. from a car driving at high speed. You may allow the privilege to yourself!