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What is a monocular and how it works.

Mar 30, 2021 | 01:39 pm 218 0
What is a monocular and how it works.

Do you know the main problem of today's modern world, which has spawned a market of incredible size? The problem is that you cannot even buy bread without understanding all the intricacies of all manufacturers and various brands. Yes, the truth is, it's straightforward to get confused about Wal-Mart, about simple products. And if you are getting ready to buy something more technologically advanced and expensive - welcome to the endless journey on the Internet.

When it comes to high-tech, precise and expensive devices, the cost of a mistake only increases. And here, the cost of a mistake becomes too high. A vivid illustration of this problem is selecting equipment for hunters or the military—even those who like to watch birds and animals.

It isn't easy to simply keep track of technology's rapid development, which gives us new opportunities almost every day. And when the need arises to pay a thousand dollars, or even more, for a night vision device, then you definitely need advice. It is the advice we wanted to offer today. Having told about a wonderful device called a monocular.

This type of modern device is characterized by the fact that it significantly lowers the threshold for a beginner to enter the incredible world of optics and night vision. Many are afraid of such devices and consider them to be of little use. Others believe that, on the contrary, they are perhaps the most ergonomic and comfortable. Let's deal with myths and reality today.

Night vision monocular.

As we said, monocular is used everywhere. This statement is also true for night vision technology. This technology was created as an analog of the vision mechanism of nocturnal predators in the wild. The equipment amplifies the light signal, processes it, and provides the observer with a high-quality picture.

Even though this method is the most popular, you may have seen it in thousands of films and video games. It is not without its drawbacks. For example, as we have already said, effective observation is ensured by amplifying the existing light. That is, there should be light, even if it is a weak light of the moon.

In the case of total darkness, you will not see anything. Therefore, you will have to use artificial lighting, such as IR-light, to unmask you during a military operation. And, even animals can distinguish it, which can become a hindrance when hunting.

Also, bad weather will become a significant, even fatal, obstacle to observation. A blizzard, even heavy rain, will turn an expensive device into a useless, high-tech piece of plastic and microcircuits. But, with ideal weather and lighting, you will get a high-quality and great picture.

As you can imagine, repeating the mechanisms developed by nature for thousands of years is difficult and expensive. Depending on the device's generation, be prepared to pay several thousand dollars for a quality device from a trusted manufacturer.

And, here, monocular comes to the rescue. They are much cheaper while retaining the same functionality. Their compact size will make it easy to store and quickly apply when needed. The only difference with larger instruments is that one eye is used for observation. Besides, many models can be mounted on weapons and used as sight with a night vision function.

Thermal vision monocular.

The second great option in order not to be blind in poor visibility conditions is thermal imaging technology. It works according to completely different laws. Identification of objects, in this case, is carried out by removing thermal signatures from the objects of observation. Further, the observation results are displayed for the operator in the form of a contrast image.

The advantage of such devices is that they are completely independent of the amount of light. Moreover, they can be used even during the daytime. This, as well as the principle of operation, made such devices popular in the military and hunting spheres and everyday life. They are used by literally everyone: builders, doctors, rescue services, the police. In a pandemic, they are indispensable in airports and crowded places, as they allow you to measure the temperature quickly.

Bad weather conditions also cannot become an obstacle for the observer. The principles of operation are independent of these factors. But, not everything is so perfect. As soon as the object gets the opportunity to hide its temperature, it becomes invisible to you. Even hiding behind glass, you can become invisible.

You can purchase a monocular with thermal imaging. It will still be compact and lightweight, and some models can still be used as a sight for weapons.


In addition to devices designed for night surveillance, you can use regular monoculars. They will allow you to zoom in on the image. They can be mounted on a tripod or a weapon. And they are still a cheaper alternative to larger devices. There is a simple and logical explanation for this. Monocular consists of one tube, regardless of its appearance. That is, it is simply cheaper in production, and therefore in the market.

Small size allows you to conveniently store the device and carry it simply in a jacket pocket. Its versatility makes it indispensable for everyone. It doesn't matter what you need it for - whether you are going hunting or just going to watch birds. The device will become your irreplaceable companion. Due to its low price, it will also become a gateway to the world of expensive high-tech night vision technologies. You will know if you need a larger and more expensive night vision or thermal vision device using it.


Monocular is an amazing device that will either become a demo version of a large and expensive device or turn into your reliable companion on your adventures in the wild. The only thing we can guarantee you is that you will get a lot of incredible emotions and amazing impressions. Given that prices from modern device manufacturers are very affordable, you can provide yourself with several devices with different functionality. In this case, for sure, you will satisfy all your needs. Besides, the ability to connect to other devices will allow you to record videos of your adventures.

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