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The ideal choice of thermal scope for autumn hunting

Aug 11, 2022 | 02:34 pm 259 0
The ideal choice of thermal scope for autumn hunting

The advent of thermal imaging optics has made what was previously impossible to see visible. This technology is actively used to perform various jobs. It is also used for hunting. The presence of thermal imaging equipment makes it possible to quickly detect animals hiding in the dark, find traces of the blood of wounded prey and monitor the dog's movements if you take it with you on a hunt. Such optics will be especially useful in the fall. At this time of the year, there are always a lot of fallen leaves on the ground, masking small representatives of the fauna and making it difficult to detect traces.

AGM Rattler TS25-256

The leader in most indicators is the Rattler TS25-256. This thermal sight is suitable for autumn hunting during the day (for example, in foggy weather) and at night. This versatility makes it popular with hobbyists and professionals alike. The device is reliably protected from any external influences. It is not afraid of water, dust, and dirt and steadfastly resists various blows. A significant advantage is also the ability to withstand temperature fluctuations characteristic of the autumn period. This model differs in a compactness that makes the process of operation as much as possible comfortable. In addition, it is light in weight.

The optics are equipped with an OLED display, which displays a thermal image. This design element has a high resolution, which positively affects the quality of the resulting image. The Rattler TS25-256 runs on just two batteries. Their resource is enough to continuously track down animals and make shots for 4-5 hours. Also, hunters have the opportunity to supplement the design with an external power source (purchased separately), which will increase the battery life several times. An essential addition to the device is the built-in Wi-Fi module. It helps to transfer the recorded videos to a smartphone or other gadget and conduct online broadcasts. A bonus for buyers will be the availability of 8x digital and 20x optical zoom. With it, you can track the movement of animals from a long distance.


  • suitable for day and night use;
  • compact size;
  • small weight;
  • display with high resolution;
  • minimum batteries;
  • the ability to connect an external power source;
  • built-in Wi-Fi module;
  • 8x magnification.


  • Not detected.

Pulsar Thermion 2 XP50

The Thermion 2 XP50 will be the best option for autumn hunting. This sight is expensive, as it is made of high-quality components and modern materials. It is equipped with a beautiful AMOLED display that helps the user to get a high-quality image. Among other design features, it is worth noting the all-metal body. It withstands moderate mechanical impacts and falls from a height of human growth.

Thermion 2 XP50 is suitable for long-distance operation. It detects targets as far as 1.5 kilometers, one of the best indicators among premium devices. This optic is ideal for all weather conditions. It is not afraid of water and ultraviolet radiation exposure and withstands sudden temperature changes. Thanks to this, the device can be used in almost any area. For hunters, Thermion 2 XP50 will become an indispensable assistant. However, some configuration difficulties make it not the best choice for beginners. Also, among the negative points include high cost and high energy consumption. The latter forces users to buy additional batteries, which are also quite expensive.


  • use of modern materials in production;
  • high-quality components;
  • effective at long distances;
  • excellent image detail;
  • all-metal case;
  • high level of protection against moisture;
  • resistance to temperature changes;
  • stylish design.


  • high price;
  • high energy consumption;
  • expensive additional power supplies.

Trijicon REAP-IR

This expensive thermal sight is sure to be helpful in autumn hunting. Due to its excellent characteristics, it will be able to capture the heat coming from an animal's body from a great distance, as well as provide the user with a high-quality thermal image. This model is one of the compact ones. It has a small mass, which avoids overloading the weapon. An important design feature is the presence of an OLED display. Its characteristics are enough to be able to examine the object of interest in detail.

REAP-IR is suitable for use even in extreme conditions. This was made possible thanks to the strength and tightness of the case, manufactured by military standards. He is not afraid of water, withstands relatively strong shocks, and successfully resists temperature extremes. Another feature of the model is that only two batteries power it. In this case, the offline work duration will be only 4 hours. You can extend it with the help of additional energy sources, which are relatively inexpensive. The only significant drawback of the sight, in addition to the high price, is a small selection of sighting reticles.


  • excellent set of characteristics;
  • suitable for extreme conditions;
  • strong and tight case;
  • high-quality display;
  • small weight;
  • compact size;
  • low cost of additional power sources.


  • high price;
  • a small selection of reticles.

Pulsar Core RXQ30V

This scope successfully combines excellent quality and affordable price. This rare combination makes the Core RXQ30V one of the best in its class. This model has the most durable case. It can easily withstand even mechanical solid stress and vibration, which significantly simplifies a car's transportation process. In addition, the issue is not afraid of moisture and sudden temperature changes.

Core RXQ30V is recommended for beginners. It has a relatively small size and boasts a low weight. This helps prevent undue stress on the weapon and the shooter's hands. Among other positive aspects, the presence of 6.4x zoom is distinguished. It will allow you to track your prey at medium range and aim well before firing. For the autonomous operation of the device, standard batteries are used. Due to the economic consumption of their energy, it is possible to postpone the moment of replacing batteries as much as possible. The main disadvantage of the sight its owners consider inefficiency at long distances. In addition, a relatively small number of additional functions are distinguished, which slightly narrows the shooter's capabilities.


  • combination of price and quality;
  • hull strength;
  • protection against temperature extremes;
  • availability of zoom;
  • possibility of use by beginners;
  • the economy in terms of energy consumption.


  • inefficiency over long distances;
  • a small number of additional features.

Bering Optics Hogster Stimulus

It will be more convenient to shoot various animals with the Hogster Stimulus thermal sight. This model is easy to operate, so it is suitable for users with different experiences. Due to the low cost, everyone can buy it. Despite the low price, the device has excellent performance characteristics. Among them, a wide range of thermal radiation detection and incredible detail of the resulting image stand out.

The Hogster Stimulus is the lightest scope for hunters. It weighs only 470 grams, which positively affects comfort during shooting. Another feature of the optics is the 4.6x digital zoom. It will not allow you to see objects located far from the user but will provide an opportunity to examine animals in detail from close and medium distances. The device also has several opposing sides. Of these, a small sensor resolution stands out, which affects the range. Also, buyers speak negatively about the lack of some essential functions.


  • adequate cost;
  • minimum weight;
  • the simplicity of operation;
  • a good set of characteristics;
  • efficiency at short and medium distances;
  • wide range of thermal radiation detection;
  • high detailing of the image;
  • neat appearance.


  • small resolution of the sensor;
  • lack of some options.

N-Vision Optics HALO-LR

This model is one of the leaders in terms of range. She gets a lot of positive feedback from customers and performs well in business. The scope is quite expensive. At the same time, all the funds spent on its purchase are quickly paid off by ease of use. The device boasts of its characteristics. Of these, the 1-8x zoom deserves special attention, which smoothly enlarges the picture and operates without delay. Also of note is the extended field of view and range of up to 450 meters.

HALO-LR is not afraid of strong recoil. In addition, it has protection against various external factors. The optics do their job very well. It is suitable for hunting small and large animals from multiple distances. An essential addition will be the presence of many optional but valuable functions. They expand the scope of the sight and make it possible to perform other tasks. You can not worry about the correct operation of HALO-LR for an extended period. This was made possible thanks to the use of high-quality components in the production and careful assembly of each part. The model under consideration has practically no drawbacks. The only one is the small volume of production. Because of this, they are finding HALO-LR for sale is quite problematic.


  • good range;
  • a lot of positive feedback;
  • smooth zoom operation;
  • extended field of view;
  • protection from various external factors;
  • ability to withstand strong impact;
  • a large number of useful functions;
  • quality components.


  • overcharge;
  • difficult to find on sale.

Burris BTC 35/50

Universal and very convenient to use is BTC 35/50. This thermal scope stands out for its good value for money. It is equally well suited for beginners and experienced hunters. The case of the device is made of durable material that can withstand shocks and drops. Also, this structural element is protected from the effects of water, which adversely affects the details of the product.

BTC 35/50 is worth buying if only because of its powerful digital zoom. It allows you to consider even very distant objects and find the optimal point of the shot. Among other advantages, it is worth highlighting the large diameter of the lens and the presence of a high-resolution OLED display. The functionality of the device will also please users. It is pretty diverse and contains options available only to owners of expensive optics. This model is in the middle of the list regarding battery life. This will be enough for the average hunter. Despite a large number of advantages, BTC 35/50 has several disadvantages. Chief among them is the weight, which exceeds other inexpensive models. Also, the presence of a large lens increases the dimensions and creates specific difficulties during transportation to the hunting place.


  • ease of use;
  • universality;
  • hull strength;
  • powerful digital zoom;
  • protection from any external influences;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • adequate cost;
  • OLED display with high resolution;
  • many useful features.


  • Significant weight and size.

Pulsar Krypton FXG 50

This sight, produced by Pulsar, offers the user a high-quality image that can help detect even small animals in the autumn foliage. This model is easy to install on the weapon and does not require too long adjustment. She is reliably protected from rain, fog, and sleet, so she is fully prepared for any surprises of autumn weather. The device is equipped with an AMOLED display. Its resolution is one of the best among sights of this type. Also, the model can boast of its small size and weight.

Krypton FXG 50 is equally effective right after sunset, during the dark night, and early morning. He can capture heat from a long distance and notify the shooter about it. In addition, the optics are distinguished by the most straightforward control. Therefore they are suitable for people who have not previously used such devices. A positive impression of the device will slightly worsen the relatively poor functionality. It lacks some useful options that would come in handy while hunting.


  • high image quality;
  • protection from any weather surprises;
  • compactness and low weight;
  • efficiency in any light;
  • ease of control;
  • fast installation on the weapon;
  • efficiency over long distances.


  • Lack of some useful features.

Autumn hunting is an incomparable activity. It makes it possible to enjoy communication with nature and to get various animals. To maximize the effectiveness of hunting, you need to use thermal imaging sights. They will help you spot potential prey faster and aim well before shooting. Proper use of such optics will give a tangible advantage over animals and increase your chances of completing the event.

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