Two Thugs Ignore Gun Free Zone Sign, Rob Post Office With Semi-Auto Weapons

Attempted daylight robbery of Post Office




CHESTERFIELD, Va. – In broad daylight, with customers inside, two men attempted to rob a post office.
The crime happened around 4 p.m. Tuesday, at the Ampthill Branch in Chesterfield, off Meadowdale.


The U.S postal inspector said the men had a semi-automatic weapon when they demanded cash from clerks inside.


Witness said that men appeared to have black paint on their face and were seen driving away in a dark green SUV or large pick-up truck.

Wait, aren’t Post Offices supposed to be Gun Free Zones? Then how come the bad guys were able to rob the place in broad daylight with gun?? That isn’t how this is supposed to work right?

Wrong. That is exactly how Gun Free Zones  work. There was absolutely ZERO threat to the robbers who attacked the Post Office with guns because they knew they were going to be the only ones in the entire place with firearms.

When a bad guy with a gun knows all of his potential victims are disarmed, it’s easier than taking candy from a baby.

The government can pass all the laws they want about where guns are legal and were they are illegal, and all they are accomplishing is the illusion of safety while the risk of something bad happening increases.

If firearms were allowed at the Post Office there is a good chance a patron or an employee would have been armed and been able to thwart the robbery.


Author: Rob

Rob was born and raised in beautiful upstate NY where he earned his Bachelors Degree in History, and later his Masters Degree in Digital Marketing. In 2013 he fled the police-state like conditions of NY for the friendlier and more free State of Idaho. Rob was the original Mastermind behind Defend & Carry, and later passed the reins on to Stephen. Rob continues to contribute to the D&C brand as the host of the official Defend and Carry Podcast, through creative input, as well as occasional blogger and gear reviewer.

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  • Rick Devore

    Imagine that! They did not obey the law???? How could that be? Better make a new law!

    • CT

      I say the sign should be bigger, that way it will slap them on their way in. Goodness, when will these people learn that restricting law abiding gun owners is stupid.

  • sunkgleska

    maybe signs were not posted in areas that would catch the eye of the thugs ……or maybe not in their language……..or maybe they can’t read………or maybe……….the kum by yah liberals who believe that signage will deter crime should only be allowed to work in places that restrict guns and have these signs posted………..hhhhmmmm …see if your bank has that signage…….

  • nic

    Why rob a business that is broke.

  • RevSixEight

    Since it’s not their money, why would they care if they are robbed?

  • N01

    They didn’t ignore it, they just didn’t read the signs. I’m sure if they had read the signs, they would have thought “Damn, we can’t bring these in here!”

    • CT

      You aren’t serious are you! No one can be that stupid!!


    These folks when caught are going to get BIG jail-time maybe life in prison. They just robbed a federal agency and put federal employees in jeopardy. What a bunch of friggin morons.

    • CT

      So being tax-paid employees make them more important?

      • Rockita Roc

        Postal workers are not taxed paid employees


        It is a FEDERAL offense to rob or injure a USPS employee as they are FEDERAL employees- They go to bendover and bangmeintheback FEDERAL prison with the murderers and the big time criminals. You can kill a cop and get a lessor sentence than if you kill a postal worker. Do you know that? I worked for the postal service 35 yrs and actually got robbed once. The police showed me what that crook did to himself by robbing me.