Trade Your Guns In For – Free Job Training?

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 Trade In Your Guns For A Career

Local 154

Gun Buyback programs and other “no-questions asked” gun surrender programs have been a popular method of getting people to hand over guns of deceased relatives or guns they simply no longer wanted. Arguments for and against these programs can be made as to how well they work and what the real motivation is behind these programs.

However, a new program in Pittsburgh seem to be the first of its kind in what they are offering in exchange for guns. No they aren’t offering cash, gift cards, or groceries – they are offering job training. Called “Guns for Opportunity,” local gun owners were given the opportunity Tuesday to exchange their firearms for a chance to get free job training with the Boilermakers Union.

Like most gun buyback programs, there is a “no questions asked” policy about the firearms being turned in. Even though Allegheny County Sheriff Bill Mullen said his office will track every gun exchanged in the program to see if it’s stolen or if it was previously used in a crime. This should help determine how many “illegal” guns are taken off the street with this program.

People who turn in guns will receive tokens that allow them to receive free career training through a welding program run by the Boilermakers Local 154. The program also offers drug or alcohol addiction treatment.

Braddock Mayor John Fetterman encouraged participation in the program, calling it an “incredible and free opportunity to a career. I just think this is a fabulous opportunity for somebody that has had other chances or this might be their last chance,” he said.


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