Top Ten Guns Used in Video Games

Top Ten Guns Used in Video Games

Top Ten Guns Used in Video Games

From spray and pray tactics with a 2,000 rounds-per-minute minigun to methodical crosshair shooting with an iconic AK-47, Defend and Carry brings you the top 10 video game guns. This impressive lineup of weaponry will blow your gun-loving mind with its impressive and extensive background info on each weapon.


Defend and Carry’s Caden Butera kicks off the epic best video game gun list with the fabulous MP5. You may remember this gun by its unique reload-a quick slap on the cocking lever after slamming in a new clip. This black beauty has been featured in over 100 video games.


You cannot have a Top 10 video game guns without mentioning the notorious uzi at least once. This spray and pray 600 round-per-minute machine normally flaunts a balanced weight and easy reload, which makes this compact weapon something to think about when choosing a virtual weapon.


If you’re looking for something to tear up the online competition, look no further than the Steyr AUG. We had to include this Austrian made assault rifle in our top 10 video games guns because it is capable of pumping out 750 rounds of high-grade steel in the direction of your virtual foes. Like Caden points out in this descriptive video, the Steyr AUG is short enough to maneuver around corners and through buildings with ease.


cloak tuck 3.0Then we get to the big boys on the list, one of which being the notorious AK-47, yep there is no such thing as a top 10 video games gun list without the AK 47. This high-powered assault rifle is wildly popular in both the real and virtual world. According to research performed by Defend and Carry, one in five assault rifles is an AK-47! They’re powerful, durable, and dependable-just what you need out of a video game gun.


Lastly, the top spot for our guns used in video games goes to the minigun. This miniature rotary cannon has the capabilities of spitting out a whopping 2,000 to 6,000 rounds per minute. It may not be depicted accurately in video games, but it’s still a ridiculously cool gun to possess.

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