Car Jacking Situation: How to Survive

how to handle a car jacking

Handling A Car Jacking Can Be Tricky


This article picks up from the point you have been forcibly taken from your vehicle. Worth prefacing – never depend on the kindness of your enemy. And if they’re at your car door and within grabbing distance, you dropped the ball. There’s lots of reasons why you dropped the ball but none of those important right now. Because right now you are being car jacked.


In a John Wayne world, you’d remove your concealed carry pistol. In the real world – the one where you’re already being forcibly removed, if that guy already has you out of the car – that hidden firearm in your concealed carry holster is your best friend. If that firearm is in the center console and not in your inside the waistband holster or a solid gun safe, it’s your worst enemy.


5 Things To Do During A Car Jacking


things to do during car jacking

For the purposes of this simplified and generalized list, we’re going to stress the importance that, as Master Yoda said, “do or do not – there is no try.”


The Two Extremes:


If you decide to go along with the car jacking and get jacked in the hopes that it’s the path of least resistance, do not decide half way through to change your mind. Stick with the course of least resistance. If they’re not slamming your head up against a curb or trying to kill you, call it a day. That’s what car insurance is for. If they reach for your gun, it’s your call. At this point, you’re already working from a disadvantage.



If they decide it’s going to be a violent confrontation and you think you have nothing to lose, go all out. But don’t hope for mercy. Get your back up against a wall and fight. If there’s five or more, focus on fighting your way to escape. Instinct aim. If it’s going to be a violent confrontation, just focus on one opponent at a time until you’re able to escape or they do.


Outside of the two extremes:


Preventing A Car Jacking


avoid ccw conflict

If you have an opportunity to exit the area before a gun is leveled right at your head – do it. If you don’t visibly see a gun pointed at your head at a distance of less than 10 feet, duck and slam that gas pedal. Because the alternative is ceding control to the hijacker and you have no idea what that hijacker has in mind.


Always Be Calm


handle ccw situation calmly

It doesn’t matter if you have a gun in hand, always be calm. Keep your words to an absolute minimum. If you have the opportunity for a shot, shoot. If you have the opportunity to get out of the car and he can get in – wait. If the worst that happens is he drives off with your car – seriously, that’s not a big deal. We’re talking life and death. Call your insurance company and the police.


Keep the Element of Surprise


keep your ccw hidden

If he doesn’t know you have a concealed carry firearm, don’t show it to him. The last thing you want is for the carjacker to spot your conceal carry weapon.


The car jacker got you by surprise. And now you have the element of surprise because he doesn’t know you’re armed. Use this to your advantage and use it wisely.


Call The Police After A Car Jacking


After your car has been taken, call the police immediately. Report your license plate number, make and model of the vehicle. Describe the person as well as you can. Anything that sticks out – scars, voice, eye color – write it down so you won’t forget. Record a description on your cell phone’s version of audio recorder.


Go Get Medical Care, Call Your Insurance


report hijacker

If any altercation took place, you need to get checked out. Make sure the folks at the ER take pictures of any damage. This can be used as evidence when they catch the carjackers. Call your insurance company and report the vehicle as stolen. Even if the insurance company doesn’t give you anything for it, it legally frees you from responsibility of that vehicle.

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James England is a former United States Marine Signals Intelligence Operator and defense contractor with over two tours spread over the Al Anbar province and two more operating across Helmand and Baghdis. He is presently a writer focused on Western foreign policy and maintains an avid interest in firearms. A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, he presently resides in New Hampshire – the “Live Free or Die” state. He is finishing up his first novel, “American Hubris”, which is set to hit shelves in Fall of 2015.