Very Sad: In 2015 We Need Laws To Stop Schools From Punishing Students For Toy Guns

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Nevada lawmakers are planning to introduce a new bill that would bar schools from punishing students who play with toy firearms. The bill, AB121, is referred to as the “Pop Tart Gun” bill in reference to an incident nearly two years ago when a 7-year-old was suspended from school in Maryland after being accused of nibbling his pop tart into the shape of a gun.

Despite the absurdity of this suspension, the national attention it garnered, and even after hiring a lawyer – the family could not get the school to expunge the suspension from his permanent record. However, this isn’t the only incident recently in which the hyper-fear of guns has seen young students suspended for merely playing.

A 5-year-old girl was forced by her school in Alabama to sign a “no suicide” contract after she allegedly doodled (with a crayon) an image that resembled a gun than pointed her crayon at another student and said “pew pew.”

Last year a 10th-grader in Maine was suspended for 10 days for having a bright yellow squirt gun in his possession at school. A squirt gun! In another incident two middle-school boys were suspended for playing with Airsoft guns in their own home!

Since schools have made it a policy to admonish any student doing anything remotely related to a gun real or imaginary, we sadly need turn to the government to step in and tell schools to knock it off. The over sensitivity to guns in school has reached a tipping point to where multiple states have had to introduce similar “Pop Tart Gun” bills in order to protect children from their very own schools.

What is important to understand here is that this is yet another front, another tactic used by anti-gun advocates to eventually destroy our Second Amendment rights. By making children terrified of guns at a young age, many will grow up in opposition to all things guns. This is not a new plan or strategy, as schools have been used in the past to condition future generations to certain ways of thinking.

This is why programs for youths to learn about guns in a healthy and supportive environment is so important for future generations of Americans. There are many shooting programs designed for youths to be introduced to guns and to learn about shooting and gun safety. Here are four great National shooting programs for youths.

If you have children please consider introducing them to the world of shooting and guns either through yourself or through one of these incredible programs. This is the best way to overcome the hyper-fear of guns schools are trying to create in children today.

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