SIG Sauer P250 Review

gun review sig sauer p250

SIG Sauer P250 Review – P250 Sub Compact 9mm 

sig sauer 250SC-9-B gun review

During the course of my daily routine as a defensive pistolsmith and tactical street survival instructor, a question I am regularly faced with is:

“What is the best EDC semi-auto handgun for a woman”?

In many mediums, perhaps a difficult question akin to “Who is your favorite child”?

Nonetheless, when asked I know perfectly well that I may spout-off my FIVE favorite as all possess differing attributes which differentiate one from the other. For the purposes of this article, we will discuss my favorite sub-compact DAO 9mm handgun & my everyday carry…the exceptional SIG Sauer P250SC.

Sig Sauer Pistols Rank High With Law Enforcement, Military And Civilian Shooters


sig sauer p250 review

On any professional trigger-puller’s list SIG Sauer always ranks high. Law enforcement, military, the most knowledgeable civilian shooters swear by SIG. Since 1853,  Schweizerische Industrie-Gesellschaft, known worldwide as SIG. has been producing “Hell & back” quality firearms..handguns-long rifles-shotguns and military firearms. The P250 series..subcompact..compact..full size handguns carry-on this tradition.

A rock-solid Browning-type link-less barrel to slide lock-up, the solid block slide milled by fanatics here in the U.S.A., F/P drop-safety, heavy duty external extractor, the only controls being slide & mag releases demonstrating the most intuitive design and most importantly, the knowledge..the feel of supreme quality and reliability in your hand.

Readers accustomed to polymer framed handguns will immediately notice the lack of “plastic” feel. Due to the exceptional quality of the proprietary over-molded polymer frame, the feel is solid and seems to fit smaller women’s hands like a well worn glove. Even with its 12 rnd 9mm magazine capacity, the grip frame is a tactile wonder. The hand seems to sense its instinctive position.

sig sauer p250 review

Once the Sig P250 closes on a chambered 9×19 round, it may be holstered or placed in it’s off-body resting place with 100% confidence that if needed, it will present  quickly & easily due to it’s no-snag design, point instinctively, and if needed, with a smooth, no-stack 5.5-6.5lb trigger pull, fire reliably. The DAO (double action only) system is one of the smoothest to be found. Unlike many polymer 9mm pistols, the P-250 uses an exposed hammer design rather than the Glock type pre-cocked striker.

In practice, the carrier locks the slide and inserts a fresh round into the chamber followed by a full 12 round magazine over a hot chamber for full capacity of 13 rounds of 9mm. The Nitron-finished slide retracts with normal effort, the ambidextrous slide lock/releases operate effortlessly. Being DAO (double action only), the exposed hammer comes to rest above a locked firing pin as the slide goes home. The F/P unlocks as the trigger is squeezed to initiate purposeful firing.

sig sauer p 250 gun reviewNow..the ground-breaking SIG innovation;

The 250/320 series is one of several polymer designs from the factory in which the actual serial numbered firearm is the easily removed FCG (fire control group) pictured below. In a simple 2-step breakdown process, the FCG may be installed in any combinations of SIG frame sizes and calibers 9mm – .357 SIG -.40 – 45acp. All readily available SIG Sauer direct with no paperwork, or NICS check through the mail.

Essentially a brand new handgun starting at $299. Each conversion kit contains barrel – polymer frame – Nitron coated slide – and magazine. The handgun then simply goes together as per normal field stripping procedure.

Once the slide release is actuated, the slide comes off, slide release is removed from the left, and the complete serial numbered fire control group may be lifted-out for detail cleaning, or replacing into as example, a conversion set consisting of a full size or compact .40 / .45acp / .357 SIG P250 frame along with the replacement barrel, slide, and magazine. Now at considerable savings, you have what amounts to a brand new SIG Sauer handgun.

Accuracy: Out of the box with my EDC (everyday carry) load of Hornady 9mm 147gr XTP hollow points, the P250 readily keeps 4.25” off-hand groups at 25′. Perhaps not a tack-driver, but coming out of a 3.6” bbl with a 5.5” site radius, perfect for it’s assigned role as a defensive handgun. Speaking of sites, the 250 comes standard with low-profile white 3-dot combat sites. No snag & fast target acquisition.

Sig Sauer P250 SC Review – The final Verdict

Summery: SIG quality, exceptional ergonomics, always ready DAO, smooth trigger pull, light weight yet a high-quality fist full. Accurate, dependable, cost-effective choice for the discriminating woman who appreciates both quality and world class personal protection. Moderate price. I do suggest though, that you avoid the Gen. 1 examples which may be found on the used market. There was a reliability issue which has been fully sorted out in the following generations.

Go forth & train..carry every day, carry everywhere permitted, be vigilant, be safe. Be happy.

Sig P250 Specifications:

Caliber: 9mm Luger (9X19mm)
Action Type: DAO
Trigger Pull DA: 5.5 – 6.5 lbs
Overall Length: 6.7″
Overall Height: 4.7″
Overall Width: 1.1″
Barrel Length: 3.6″
Sight Radius: 5.5″
Weight with Magazine: 24.9 oz
Magazine Capacity: 12 Rounds
Sights: 3-dot contrast
Frame Finish: Black Polymer
Slide Finish: Nitron
Accessory Rail
Features: Interchangeable frame sizes and calibers

Sig P250 Price and Retail cost: Starting at $400.00 roughly

[button type=”big” color=”red”] A. Jethro Canton is an acknowledged Vermont-based master pistolsmith, technical writer, and multidisciplinary firearms instructor.[/button]

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