Homeowner’s Quick Draw Ensures Gangs Second Attempt To Rob Him Is Their Last

Man’s house is targeted by gang twice, similar safe endings were due to him being armed


This Florida homeowner was not about to be the victim of a notoriously violent but stupid local gang. This gang, not once– but twice targeted his home to burglarize and who knows what else, as the gang members were armed both times with AK-47s according to Palm Beach Post.

The first time, gang members dressed up as food delivery and as soon as homeowner Juan Flores answered the door he knew something was fishy because he didn’t order food. He instantly realized the men were trying to rob him and then he saw one of the gang members that was waiting in the car come towards him with an AK-47 so he slammed the door shut and yelled at his family to call the police.

cloak tuck 3.0The gang members took the hint he wasn’t going to go down easy so they fled but were later caught by police.

It wasn’t even two weeks later when different members of the same gang decided to do the same thing. Apparently the last outcome and arrests weren’t enough to deter them.

This time they went to the house and began burglarizing it while the homeowner was gone. However the homeowner was prepared this time and when he came home to them in his house, he pulled out his Springfield .45-caliber and ordered them to stop. One of the gang members chose to raise his gun instead and the homeowner acted quickly and fired four shots, killing one of the gang members and hitting the other one in the face.

The gang member hit in the face ran and was caught later when a citizen reported seeing a man cutting through yards and bleeding from the face. He went to the hospital for treatment but could be charged with second-degree murder because according to Florida law he was an accomplice in committing a first-degree felony when Simms was shot and killed. Don’t you just love Florida?!

Currently the homeowner is safe and the burglars from both attempts are where they chose to be. Its unfortunate that people die from stupid things like burglaries, but every person has a choice, and committing an armed burglary is basically choosing certain death at random. If a crime is committed against someone and threatens their life, the Second Amendment is in place to guarantee their right to protect themselves. Its a simple concept but unfortunately people disregard it all the time and have to face the consequences.






Author: Annie Stonebreaker

Annie is attending North Idaho College for a degree in journalism and is enjoying writing about everything guns for Defend and Carry. She finds our right to bear arms imperative and can get quite spicy on the topic. In her spare time she loves reading, playing outdoors, any water activities, eating sweet treats, eating in general, playing music or spending time with her Fiance, and being surrounded by good friends, conversation and laughter.

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