Punk Kid Waves Gun Around At McDonald’s To Look Tough On Facebook, Gets Arrested

Facebook video of  teen waving gun at McDonald’s leads to arrest

NOTE: Video contains strong language and is NSFW

By Jeff Levkulich WKBN27


NILES, Ohio (WKBN) – An 18- year-old from Niles is facing serious charges after he began waiving a gun inside the downtown McDonald’s Tuesday night.


WKBN has obtained the video, posted on Facebook, which led police straight to him.


Justin Riley posted that video while he was eating at the McDonald’s in Niles. When police arrived, he was still inside.


“I had to stop at McDonald’s and charge a n**** phone. Grab some grub, bro,” Riley said in the video.


Moments after Riley posted the video, police got a call from a concerned individual. Fearing for the safety of the patrons and staff of the McDonald’s, police rushed to the store. Riley was still there.The video police obtained from Riley’s Facebook page shows him inside near the rear of the restaurant around 9 p.m. Tuesday.


It’s not clear who he is talking to, but Riley can be seen repeatedly using racial slurs. At the end of the speech, Riley grabs a gun and points it at the camera.


“Things can turn bad,” Niles Police Captain Ken Criswell said. “You can get in a fight, somebody pulls a gun out, and before you know it, you have somebody shot. We are thankful to whoever it was that called it in to us.”


Criswell said that police found a black Cobra Utah 380 pistol on Riley. The gun still had four live rounds inside. Riley had just turned 18 on April 1.


“A week earlier, it would have been a juvenile, now it’s a whole different ball game for him,” Criswell said. “He has some serious issues to face now.”

Obviously this kid is an idiot and has some serious personal issues he needs to deal with. However, it is this kind of thing that makes law abiding gun owners look dangerous.

In some respects this makes gun owners look worse than when a gun is used in a crime. Why? Because people understand guns are used in crimes and usually attribute the actions to criminal behavior.

This on the other hand is exactly what anti-gunners highlight when trying to describe gun owners carrying in public. They like to portray us as people using a firearm to intimidate, and looking for a reason to escalate a situation.

Every law abiding gun owners knows this is absolutely not the reason we carry, and most of us would never do anything like this. Yet here we have someone on camera, in a public place, doing exactly what they bill us as.

As a responsible gun owners, I hope this kid gets punished to the fullest extent. He needs a wake up call in his life, and perhaps a harsh punishment will straighten him out.

Also, as a responsible gun owners, had I seen this in public I most certainly would have told him to put the gun away and stop acting a fool.

Just like at a range when we see someone is being irresponsible with a gun, without putting our own life in jeopardy, we have to step in and try to put a stop to it before someone gets hurt.

Author: Rob

Rob was born and raised in beautiful upstate NY where he earned his Bachelors Degree in History, and later his Masters Degree in Digital Marketing. In 2013 he fled the police-state like conditions of NY for the friendlier and more free State of Idaho. Rob was the original Mastermind behind Defend & Carry, and later passed the reins on to Stephen. Rob continues to contribute to the D&C brand as the host of the official Defend and Carry Podcast, through creative input, as well as occasional blogger and gear reviewer.

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  • Michael Tinsley

    Gun stolen from who ? Was it reported ?

    • Stan Bryars

      Who said it was stolen. It would only cost around $100 new.

      • Michael Tinsley

        Two choices: 1) Stolen as he could not legally buy it. 2) Given to him by owner, also illegal for him to carry.

        • Stan Bryars

          1)You are incorrect
          2) Only supposition and assumption could possibly support that claim

          Yes it would be illegal for him. due to his age ,to carry, but there is nothing to indicate that he could not have legally bought the gun.

          It is legal in almost all states for anyone over the age of

          to buy a handgun
          Federal law mandates that a licensed dealer can only sell to someone

          or older.
          That federal law does not apply to anyone that does not hold an FFL

  • Randy Gruber

    I agree the anti-gunners will use this as propaganda but this kid was 1st – breaking a concealed carry law since you have to be

    in Ohio to apply for a concealed permit. 2nd – At

    he is not legally allow to purchase a handgun. Only a long rifle. Unless the anti-gunners are going to lie about his age in the propaganda, it can be turned around against them because this is not a law abiding citizen. He is a criminal with an illegal gun.

    • Your_Favorite_Candy

      you can legally obtain a handgun under

      through private sales.

      • IrishTexan78

        Who in the law abiding gun owning society would sell a firearm to someone that couldn’t legally own it? Your point is invalid.

        • law-abiding-citizen

          Apparently, you are not understanding what’s being said here – let me clarify:
          FEDERAL law requires people to be over

          years old to purchase a hamdgun. However, many states have laws which allow someone to purchase a handgun at the age of 18. Some states (such as Missouri) even allow residents to carry a firearm at


          years of age.
          What you end up with is a situation where you must be

          to buy a handgun from a FFL dealer, but

          year old can buy a handgun from a private seller who resides in the same state as the buyer.
          So to summarize:
          Buying from a licensed dealer? Must be 21.
          Buying from a private seller which resides in the same state as you? MAY be able to buy at

          (as always, check your state and local laws)

          • Randy Gruber

            Well thanks for clarifying on how a punk

            year old can stupidly own a handgun but he is clearly still a criminal because he could have have had a permit to carry concealed.

          • law-abiding-citizen

            I agree. I was just explaining to IrishTexan78 how it very well may have been legally obtained & owned.
            But you’re correct, legally owning it does not automatically equal legal carry, or even responsible ownership.

          • Randy Gruber

            Sorry, I didn’t mean to come across the way I did. I carry everyday and although I am a big 2nd amendment supporter, I am constantly amazed by the idiots I see online and around our clubs and ranges with zero training walking around locked and loaded and a ticking time-bomb for negligent discharge.

          • RogerB

            You got that right. ANYBODY can go to a range and shoot.

          • RogerB

            Ah…he wasn’t carrying concealed…

          • IrishTexan78

            Excuse me for not knowing the differing state laws. It was my impression that federal law stated that nobody under the age of

            could own a handgun regardless of how obtained. In Texas I know I wouldn’t sell any gun to anyone that wasn’t able to legally go purchase it from a licensed dealer.

          • Stan Bryars

            That law applies only to licensed dealers.
            It simply states that the dealer can not sell to anyone under 21. It does not make it a crime for someone under

            to own a handgun

          • IrishTexan78

            I know in Texas you can’t buy pistol ammo if you’re not over

            and it used to be that way in Kansas when I was there. So if you can buy the gun you can’t get ammo for it so what’s the point?

          • Stan Bryars

            You are wrong on both counts

            I has been legal for an

            year old to purchase a handgun in private transaction in both Kansas and Texas for a number of years and it is only licensed dealers that cannot sell ammo for handguns to people under

            There is no such thing as handgun ammo
            There are caliber that are typically used in handguns, but any modern conventional caliber you can name can and has been used as rifle ammo and would be perfectly legal to sell to an

            year old.

          • law-abiding-citizen

            I wasn’t trying to be a d!ck – sorry if it came across that way. The laws can be confusing, and they definitely vary from state to state.
            Personally, I’m not particularly prone to selling fireams once I acquire them. That being said, here in TN, I would consider selling to someone under 21, because that’s what the law allows. But it would absolutely depend on a couple of things:
            1. They MUST, without question, show a valid TN driver’s license, and sign a bill of sale. Those are non-negotiable;
            2. My final decision to sell would be based on their attitude, appearance, & other factors that would give me a feel for their sense of responsibility. For example, if contact is initiated through one of the Facebook firearm trader groups I’m a member of, I’d insist on being able to view their profile. People flashing gang signs, talking trash, or dressing like gang bangers more than likely will not be allowed to purchase from me through a private transaction.
            These rules would apply to any private sales I chose to make, regardless of age.

          • Brian Erwin

            Correct!! Thank you for posting this to clarify for the completely mis/uninformed! !!

        • mslady269

          I sold a pistol to an 18yr old with a permit to purchase from the city. It was legal.

          • Michael Tinsley

            What city, state?

          • mslady269

            Michigan and I have no need to make things up. Like others have said, person to person sales are legal at

            and up. He had the correct paperwork and we made the transaction happen. It was legit.

          • Michael Tinsley

            Can legally buy it but illegal to carry it or buy ammo ? Strange indeed ! What use would it be ? Or better yet, what were his intentions ? Have to ask him ….

          • mslady269

            He could legally buy it, so that’s not really my concern, but he was a professional. I actually met him at his job and he said he was buying it for his mother for home protection.

          • Michael Tinsley

            Doubtful !

        • Your_Favorite_Candy

          Try reading what I said again focus your attention to the word LEGALLY

      • Concerned Vegas Citizen

        Not per Ohio law 2923.21 and 2923.211. Minimum age for handgun sale is

        in Ohio.

      • I’mBaaaatmaaaan!

        NO. You can NOT ! idiot…

        • Brian Erwin

          Jackass read the laws.

        • Your_Favorite_Candy

          YES. You can! Read up on Florida gun laws, Idiot…

    • Brian Erwin

      He can still legally obtain a handgun at

      though. If purchased Privatly.

      • Concerned Vegas Citizen

        Not per Ohio law 2923.21 and 2923.211. Minimum age for handgun sale is 21.

      • I’mBaaaatmaaaan!

        NO. He CAN NOT ! FEDERAL LAW ! shut up now.

        • Brian Erwin

          Batman your and idiot. And I don’t live in Ohio but it is legal in wisconsin. I have my FFL and your misinformation and stupid. So kindly puss of. Just because you repeat it doesn’t make it true. Ass.

          • I’mBaaaatmaaaan!

            You have a third grade mastery of the English language, sentence structure, and spelling, yet you state that I am “and idiot”. Who completed the paperwork for your FFL ? Your mom ?

          • I’mBaaaatmaaaan!

            The Gun Control Act of

            made it illegal for a gun dealer to sell handgun to anyone under the age of 21. “Sales of handguns and ammunition for handguns are limited to persons

            years of age and older,” the ATF’s official Federal Firearms Regulations Reference Guide states. But the agency’s regulations only apply to federally licensed firearms dealers, not to non-professional private sellers.
            So. There IS indeed a loophole in the law in SOME STATES. I stand Corrected by Brian. State law where I reside is the same regarding possession of handguns.

        • Anthony James Clark

          Hey you, shut the fuck up if you don’t know what you’re talking about. It is completely legal for a private seller to sell their pistol to an

          year old, just not a ffl holder, no federal law prohibits that. Dumbass

          • I’mBaaaatmaaaan!

            tony jimmy, go piss up a rope…

  • J R

    This person was no more than a criminal with a gun…a wanna-be thug and does NOT represent any legal gun owning carrier!

  • Concerned Vegas Citizen

    “The gun still had four live rounds inside.” Versus dead rounds?

    • Stan Bryars

      pre recorded

  • Brian Erwin

    Besides the second ammendment over rules local law in federal court. I really wish uneducated people wouldn’t talk. But I think there’s an amendment for that too….. :-(

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  • RogerB

    Anti-gunners can kiss my A**. This kid is a punk. I hope he enjoys getting raped every day. That will serve him right. Convicts like young meat. I know. I’m and ex cop.

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