Open Carry 101

Getting Started: What you Need to Know

Here at Defend and Carry, you'll find everything you need to know about how to open carry. We've compiled all the information available on what you'll need to be able to start open carrying like a pro in short order. Everything from how it's done, to what open carry gear you'll need in order to do so competently, confidently, and safely.

Open Carry Training

Concealed carry and open carry aren't the same things, though there are many similarities such as carrying a gun, so open carry training by necessity is going to be different. Here at Defend and Carry, we will be giving you the latest and greatest in open carry training, including all the tips and tricks for you to be able to open carry like a pro.

Best Practices For Open Carry

There's a right way to open carry and a wrong way to open carry. We'll show you how to do it right. If you're going to open carry, you owe it to yourself and to the community at large to do so safely and competently. Carrying a gun should be done right or shouldn't be done at all, and we're here to arm you with the tools and information you need to open carry correctly.

Resources For The New Open Carrier

New to open carry? Wondering if open carry is right for your? Defend and Carry is not just for those parts of the community that are already experienced or expert carriers; it's for everyone. The new carrier should have access to all the information they need in order to be able to learn what they need to know before putting a gun and holster on.

You don't need to search high and low for piecemeal bits of wisdom on how to open carry - we bring the information you need here in one location, for you to get access to it all at once. The new open carrier can therefore use Defend and Carry as their guide to open carrying.

Guide To Gun Safety

Gun safety is absolutely paramount. If you own, handle or carry a gun in any capacity, you are responsible to do so safely and securely. You owe it to yourself and everyone around you. You owe it to the gun owning community at large.

Our friends at Alien Gear Holsters have put together the ultimate guide to gun safety. The Alien Gear Complete Guide To Gun Safety will guide a person all the way from the 4 Rules of Gun Safety all the way through safe carrying and safe shooting.

gun safety guide

Trusted Open Carry Gear

best open carry holster

Alien Gear Cloak Mod OWB Holster

Alien Gear specializes in not relying on staid cliches of holster design, and the Alien Gear Cloak Mod OWB holster is the next step in evolution for OWB carry. The holster features a spring steel core, which keeps the firearm firmly holstered once placed inside. The Cloak Mod can also be converted from a paddle holster to a belt slide holster and back again, and is adjustable to give the wearer 15 degrees of positive or negative cant. All this plus Alien Gear's adjustable retention shells and lifetime guarantee makes it an OWB holster without peer.

best gun belts

Bigfoot Gunbelt

To carry, you need a stout gun belt, and there are few stouter than a Bigfoot gun belt. Bigfoot Gun Belts makes leather belts that are designed to carry any gun with ease, with two layers of 14- or 18-ounce leather, and a spring steel core for additional rigidity. You need a beefy belt to carry, and there are few beefier.

best holster mount

Alien Gear Cloak Dock

Alien Gear has recently released a brilliant accessory for the Cloak Mod holster, the Cloak Dock holster mount. This bracketing system attaches to nearly any material and allows the user to dock their Cloak Mod anywhere they wish to store it while not wearing it. Don't want to keep one's gun on the belt while driving? Put it in a Cloak Dock. Want to mount a gun in the bedroom but out of the reach of little ones? Use the Cloak Dock. It's an amazing holster mount system unlike any other on the market.

best owb mag carrier

Alien Gear Mag Carriers

There aren't many mag carriers as suited for open carry - or concealment - as Alien Gear's mag carriers. They're designed to do both and each as well as the other. For open carry, the user deploys a larger, stronger clip that Alien Gear throws in with purchase. Cant angle is adjustable to a greater degree than with any other magazine holster, as a spare mag can be carried fully vertical, forward or rearwardly canted, or fully horizontal.

For people who wish to carry two magazines at one, there is also a dual mag carrier option, which uses an adapter plate that's compatible with the same belt attachments as the Cloak Mod OWB holster. Carry with a paddle attachment for easier removal and attachment - without sacrificing security - or a belt slide attachment. Retention of the magazine itself is adjustable, just like with Alien Gear's holsters.

You aren't likely to find better mag carriers from anyone else.