Obama: Disconnecting The Dots On Chattanooga Shootings

The Lone Gunman Buzzword Was Critical For Obama To Get In Your Head

Via Oliver Darcy @ The Blaze

After President Barack Obama delivered brief remarks in response to the shooting in Chattanooga, Tennessee, that claimed the lives of four Marines, conservative political pundit Charles Krauthammer said he noticed a pattern.

The Fox News contributor said the attack on military personnel is an “example of radical Islam at work” and slammed the president for suggesting it was an isolated incident.

“The general issue is radical Islam,” he stated. “And unless we have a president who immediately says ‘this is a lone gunman,’ how does he know?”

And here we go with the misinformation, as stated in this video “how does he know?” He doesn’t he has been told to make an ever so brief statement dropping this tiny catchphrase “lone gunman” while they figure out just what type of anti-gun, anti-American spin they can put on this. That spin will inevitably include some sort of overreaching draconian gun laws that will do nothing to protect Americans in the future.

What we need is truth always and in all aspects, if we can get down to TRUTH we can actually do something to protect people and we can honor the memories of these Marines who lost their lives by creating a policy in the wake of this horrible act of cowardice. A good start to this would be insuring that any shooter in the future who attempts an attack on ANY military facility is met with armed resistance by getting rid of these gun free zones.

– According to the SITE Intelligence Group, Abdulazeez maintained a blog containing two posts focused on Islam, both published July 13. The first used the metaphor of a prison to demonstrate the need of studying one’s faith in order to be rewarded after death and quoted a hadith calling the world “a prison for the believer and a paradise for the unbeliever.”

But our fearless leader is afraid to say the real buzzword/buzzphrase we should be focused on… “Radical Islam”


Author: Annie Stonebreaker

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