Mossberg L Series Shotguns—Finally Some Love For Left Handers

Mossberg L Series Shotgun


Finally, left-handed Mossberg loyalists no longer have to feel like an unloved step-child. Mossberg has announced a brand new line of shotguns called the L Series specifically for lefties.

Many of the 500 and 590 series will be fashioned so the shotguns will eject shells to the left instead of the right.  To start, Mossberg will offer 15 different L Series shotguns including a few 590’s, a FLEX gun, and a youth shotgun.

In the future you can expect the full lines of tactical, hunting, and general purpose shotguns.  Feel free to rejoice by pumping your left hand in the sky.


Available Tactical L Series                                                                                                                      














 Available Hunting/General Purpose L Series


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