Ladies, Please Don’t Carry Your Firearms Unprotected In A Purse

Gun fires from inside Cape shopper’s purse at checkout







Cape Coral police say a Target customer’s gun fired from inside her purse at checkout on Tuesday night – and the round ricocheted off the floor and into the ceiling but there were no injuries – only store damage.


Police say the woman is described as black, in her 30’s, wearing a blue shirt and carrying a white purse. Charges could be pending against her for damaging property, but police say that’s up to whether Target wants to pursue them.


After the gun discharged – which police say was apparently unintentional – the woman quickly left the store at 1890 NE Pine Island Road and got into a Silver Hyandai that was last seen heading east on Pine Island Road.


Police say surveillance video shows that after the woman checked out she was placing something into her purse when the gun fired from inside the purse – causing damage to floor tiles and the ceiling.


Police responded to the incident around 8 pm – and they say it’s never a good idea to carry a concealed firearm loose in a pocket, purse or bag.


Firearms should always be carried in a quality holster that covers the trigger guard, according to police.


“If you choose to carry in a bag or purse – we suggest using a model that is purpose-built for firearms,” said CCPD spokesperson Dana Coston. “We are glad that this incident didn’t turn into a tragedy.


Ladies, we encourage you to carry a firearm so that you can defend yourself and your loved ones should the need arise. But please, for your safety and everyone else, please do not carry your firearm in your everyday purse.

As the police suggest, the safest place for a gun is in a secure holster designed to carry a firearm. The holster is there for a number of reasons, one being to prevent accidental discharges.

If you insist on carrying in a purse, there are options out there for you. Some manufacturers make purses designed specifically for carrying a gun.

Please do your research before making a purchase of one though, as even these aren’t as safe as normal holsters as we saw in an Idaho Walmart last Christmas.

Thankfully this lady did not injure or kill anyone with her accidental discharge, but she certainly put herself in a position to where she could have.


Author: Rob

Rob was born and raised in beautiful upstate NY where he earned his Bachelors Degree in History, and later his Masters Degree in Digital Marketing. In 2013 he fled the police-state like conditions of NY for the friendlier and more free State of Idaho. Rob was the original Mastermind behind Defend & Carry, and later passed the reins on to Stephen. Rob continues to contribute to the D&C brand as the host of the official Defend and Carry Podcast, through creative input, as well as occasional blogger and gear reviewer.

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  • Old Chicago

    There is no such thing as an accidental discharge, it’s NEGLIGENT!

    • Rightway1208

      You are correct Old Chicago.

  • Randy Gruber

    Was just gonna say that…NEGLIGENT DISCHARGE! I hope they find that women. I am willing to bet she fled the scene because she did not have a Concealed Permit and it may even go deeper than that. Anyone want to take that bet?

  • mslady269

    Always carry your gun in a holster or carrier that makes it impossible for you to put your finger on the trigger unless that is your intent. I am guilty of having a holster drawer, but I never leave the house without a pistol and with it protected from the chance of a negligent discharge. I wish people really took gun ownership and carry more serious.