Homeowner Shoots Crazed Naked Invader

Police: Man shooting at intruder also hit woman




Via Cameron Knight at Cincinnati.com

A Hamilton Township homeowner shot a man during a possible break-in Saturday night, and accidentally also hit a female living in his home, police said.


Witnesses said he was beating on doors, yelling and screaming, according to Hamilton Township Police Chief Jon Wheeler.


911 was called after he approached a house, but wasn’t able to enter, Wheeler said.

Wheeler said evidence suggests that the man was able to enter the second home he approached.

This homeowner definitely had reasonable cause to defend his home. If a screaming nude man breaking into a home does not warrant a self defense with a firearm then I don’t know what does.

 It was unfortunate the woman living in his home was injured during the encounter, but it might have been worse.

She easily could have been killed instead of injured had the homeowner responded differently.

What we have here is a classic case of good intentions—but bad aim.  Let this be a lesson to us all: going to the firing range and practicing with your firearm is of utmost importance.

Forgetting to study for a math test is one thing, neglecting proper training with your firearm is another.

You can recover the relationship with your math teacher, someone you accidentally shoot will likely be less forgiving.

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