Gun Control Run Amok: 49 People Shot In Chicago Over Weekend

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Whole bunch of people shot in Chicago

By Peter Nickeas at Chicago Tribune

Chicago’s violent weekend began Friday afternoon when, in the span of three hours, three people were shot in Englewood, another person was wounded in East Chatham and an 81-year-old woman and a relative were hit by gunfire as they sat on a porch in Gresham, taking a break from a wake.


It ended early Monday morning in the South Shore neighborhood when a man was shot and seriously wounded just yards from where one man was killed and another wounded hours earlier.


At least 49 people were shot, two of them fatally, since Friday afternoon in Chicago. Twenty-two people were shot Friday night into early Saturday and another 18 were shot late Saturday morning into Sunday.


That high a toll is usually seen during the hotter summer months, but Chicago has experienced a 22 percent increase in shooting incidents so far this year.

So has anyone outside of Chicago heard about this? Of course not. We did all hear about the out of control gun toting bikers in Texas.

Due to the short outburst of violence that took place in the parking lot between biker gangs where nine people perished, the gun control was out in force on Monday.

Not wanting to let a good tragedy go to waste, and before the bodies were even cold, gun grabbers were citing the Waco incident as a reason why we need more gun control.

The mainstream media was happy to drape this story all over their websites and newspapers. They also were happy to give a voice to those who want to take your guns away.

What they were not covering, however, was the 49 people who were shot in a Chicago style bloodbath over the weekend.

One has to wonder why this was not news. Our Presidents home city has streets running with blood. A weekend that claimed 49 victims.

Perhaps it is because Chicago has one of the most strict gun control laws in the entire nation. The media and the gun grabbers can hardly call for more gun control out of this tragedy.

If Chicago wanted to get more gun control, the only step they have left is to essentially confiscate guns; and the gun control crowd isn’t ready to make that move yet. You can be sure it’s on the agenda though.

The violence in Chicago is appalling. It is supposed to be one of America’s greatest cities.

Instead it is a wasteland of unarmed civilians, terrorized by local thugs who own guns illegally.

These thugs didn’t apply for permit. They didn’t pass a background check. They certainly didn’t pay their application fee to own a gun.

So just how well has this gun control worked for the city and the people of Chicago? If last weekend is any indication, it has been an abject failure.



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Author: Rob

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