Licensed Gun Carrier Publicly Shamed And Ridiculed While Attending High School Event

Choir Director Calls The Cops On Man Legally Carrying A Gun

Chuck Ross – The Daily Caller

A Michigan man was not acting erratically or threatening other people at an Ann Arbor high school music recital, but he was openly — and legally — carrying a firearm.


That was enough for a school choir director to call police and for a music professor to publicly shame him at the event.


The incident happened Thursday evening at Pioneer High School when Steven Lorenz, the director of choirs at the school, spotted the man, later identified as Joshua Wade, openly carrying a gun and called police.


Police arrived to investigate and determined that Wade had not broken the law.


But that was not good enough for one event attendee, University of Michigan, Flint music professor Brian DiBlassio.


DiBlassio took unsolicited photos of Wade carrying the holstered gun and uploaded his picture to Facebook along with two breathless posts.


The professor wrote in his first missive:


There’s an idiot with a handgun with two magazines attending the Ann Arbor Pioneer Choral Cavalcade, sitting in the tenth row. Police came in droves, escorted him out to interview him in the hallway and could do nothing based on his permit. He’s now back listening to 8th grade girls singing Hey Jude. My first experience witnessing this ridiculous show of…I don’t know what. Who does this at an event with 100s of children ffs??? Who does this anywhere? ‘Merica!


DiBlassio’s second post included the man’s picture and other identifying information. DiBlassio said that Wade is the grandson of a former superintendent of Ann Arbor public schools.


I decided that the parents of 200+ junior high and high school students might want to know that they had someone with a military weapon, replete with rounds of ammo, watching their kids sing (he was in the front row). After the last song (about global unity and peace, from the olympics. .oy), I got up on my soapbox — literally, it was a theatre box — and announced as much to the entire audience. In the lobby, [redacted], the former Deputy Superintendent for. Business Affairs. for Ann Arbor Public Schools lectured me on how wrong it was for me to disrupt a public event (disrupting people exiting the auditorium?), etc. Soon after I learned who brought the weapon into the concert. [redacted] grandson (phone in the pocket).


TheDC contacted DiBlassio, who was unapologetic over his actions even though Wade had every legal right to carry the gun.

I have to admit, there aren’t too many stories that make me as angry as this one. It is one thing if you are anti-gun and disagree with firearms laws. It is another thing to go out of your way to disrupt an event, try to ruin someones life, and publicly admonish someone for doing something completely legal and ethical.

This choir director, DiBlassio, (hmmm that name sounds familiar) has the police called on a man who is legally open carrying his gun. All this man wanted to do was watch his niece sing at this choir event with his family. He had attended a similar event in the fall while carrying his firearm and had no problems.

After the police arrived and cleared Wade (the gun carrier) from any wrongdoing, Wade returned to his seat peacefully to try and enjoy the show. This, however, was not good enough for DiBlassio who decided that if the police were not going to do something about the situation he did not like, he was going to take matters into his own hands.

So instead of focusing on the event, and giving the students the attention they deserved since it was their night to perform, DiBlassio begins to take pictures of the man and posting them to Facebook with fear inducing warnings to the people in attendance.

When this did not work to cause sufficient chaos, DiBlassio then stood up and yelled to get the audience attention. He began publicly “shaming” Wade to the rest of the audience by starting off with ” I just thought you would all like to know….”

Once again, DiBlassion decided to make this all about him instead of letting the event be about the students in the choir. So incensed and afraid of guns, this man (I use that term loosely for DiBlassio) continued his rant to the audience about how there was someone sitting in the front row (pointing to Wade) carrying a “military” weapon with live ammunition.

When he was later informed that what Wade was doing was perfectly legal, DiBlassio said he would still do it again because gosh darnnit he doesn’t agree with it so he has no problem disrupting an event, taking photos of a person against their will, publishing those photos with a name on Facebook, and then yelling to the audience about this man in front of everyone.

Since this incident occurred Wade has received threats of violence against him, along with having his address listed online for everyone to see.

DiBlassio is a sick human being, and a product of the propaganda push to create hyper-fear towards guns.


Author: Rob

Rob was born and raised in beautiful upstate NY where he earned his Bachelors Degree in History, and later his Masters Degree in Digital Marketing. In 2013 he fled the police-state like conditions of NY for the friendlier and more free State of Idaho. Rob was the original Mastermind behind Defend & Carry, and later passed the reins on to Stephen. Rob continues to contribute to the D&C brand as the host of the official Defend and Carry Podcast, through creative input, as well as occasional blogger and gear reviewer.

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  • Hopeful Independent

    Is it a shock his name is the same as the communist in charge of NYC? Ooh look at me, I am all knowing non important music teacher who wants every one to know, including criminals, that I don’t like big scary guns. Look at me. I’m a drama queen. Yes sir you are.

  • Tonga Saurus

    I see it has a private page, so no one can post on it….and the posts seem to have been removed.

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  • Bob Sojka

    Some one find out this man’s info and post it all over. See how much he likes it.

  • J R

    The music professor is actually the only ignorant a** that attended the recital. I hope that legal, law abiding citizen sues the hell out of him for being that rude and intrusive. Damn liberal!!

  • This Guy
  • jersif

    EH! – Not a fan of open carry for this very reason. I don’t want anyone knowing that I am armed. It just creates an un-necessary feeling of intimidation not just by the anti-gun crowd, but the public in general. My state has gone to great lengths to make a concealed handgun license easily obtainable for those who qualify. I think the police should have cited the choir director for disturbing the peace. You know? Since they where already there and because it’s an actual crime.

    • toledoleafer

      michigan law says if you carry on school grounds, it must be open carry

  • Kevin Curl

    Pussy liberals , had there been someone in there that had attempted to kill mass people in audience and the right to carry person ended what could have been a massacre would he be a hero or just some lunatic carrying a gun with ammo. No different than having a police officer their with a gun , a military gun ! WTF is a military handgun one that looks different than the old west revolvers like the dinosaur that raised a stink ? There a lot of us veteran’s that have extensive use of firearms that have protected this country honorably and still feel obligated to do so sit down and shut your pie hole azzhole !

    • Steve E

      If it’s black it’s bad. Ask any liberal. Guns or humans, it make no difference to Liberals. If it’s black, it’d evil. Period!

    • Steve E

      If it’s black it’s bad. Ask any liberal. Guns or humans, it make no difference to Liberals. If it’s black, it’s evil. Period!

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  • Reader

    Would someone please pose DiBlasio’s address, phone, email, and photos so he can see what it is like to be made the unwelcome center of attention?

  • balloonist

    DiBlassio obviously has emotional issues that need to be addressed. Beginning with a drug screen. Thank you Mr. Wade for carrying. Nice to know that if a nut HAD been there, you might have been needed.

  • Your Name
  • DonM

    I don’t suppose that if the event were interrupted by a terrorist or some other deranged attacker killing innocents, and the legally armed man with a gun quickly stopped the attacker, saving numerous children from certain death. I wouldn’t imagine that they would have any objections to him carrying on that day now would they?

    • Ben

      He’d still cry about how he should let the police handle it.
      I’m curious how stupid he would have felt if the citizen would have turned out to be an off duty cop, and showed his badge to everyone during the rant.

  • Ben

    The teacher should have been arrested for attempting to incite a riot, disturbing the peace, and civil rights violations against the citizen.

  • Ted Jeffries

    It is interesting that Wade received threats of violence from peace loving leftists, those who sympathize with the alarmist music teacher.

  • mule man

    This mentally ill teacher has no place around children

  • PaC SGM (R)

    Complain enough and get the guy fired. Hopefully this guy can take legal action against this ssa clown of a “professor”.