Gear Review: Liberty Safe HDX-250 Smart Vault

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Liberty Safe HDX-250 Smart Vault

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I started using the HDX-250 about one month ago and have been thoroughly pleased with every aspect of this safe. The lock operation is smooth and fluid. As soon as I received the safe I set it up to use my finger and my wife’s finger for biometric access and have not had any issues with the operation of the lock.

The door is spring loaded and so at first I was somewhat concerned with the possibility that the safe door would make significant (noticeable) noise when accessing my gun in the event of a break in. In this case I would want to maintain the element of surprise over my would be home invader. However this fear was quickly subdued when I began to use the safe, I operated it several times on the counter to see how quietly I could operate the safe and much to my surprise I was able to very quietly access my gun by first placing my thumb on the door and then my finger on the scanner.

HDX-250-smart-vault-dimensionsIronically now this is the way I access the safe daily (as if to maintain the element of surprise over my dogs) and I find it to be a very comfortable way to grab ahold of the safe when opening. I keep a full frame pistol (5″ Barrel 1911) in my case and find that I have ample room for my gun, several magazines, and a tactical light.

cloak tuck 3.0Looking at the dimensions of the HDX-250 you can see that there is ample room for any full framed pistol as well as several magazines. The padding on the inside of the safe is very nice as well, while it is soft and smooth enough as not create any wear on your guns finish it is also very durable as I have not seen any wear in the first month of daily use.

While I have not had my home broken into and the safe attacked in the time I have been using the it I can attest to the strong nature of the safe’s construction. The manufacturer has released the following video showcasing this strength:

In closing the Liberty Safe HDX-250 Smart Vault is the safe I will trust for defense of myself and my family. Please visit the manufacturer site for additional information and other models and for your convenience I am posting the full product description here:

Liberty Safe HDX-250 Smart Vault

Product Page

Product Description

Safely secure your valuables or handgun in the new Home Defender (HD) Series by Liberty Safe. The HDX-250 Smart Vault allows for quick and secure access by using our 5th Generation BIOMETRIC finger swipe technology. This is the most reliable biometric entry system available, with supreme accuracy and the lowest fail-rate on the market. Speed counts! Entry using the Biometric swipe can be obtained in 1 SECOND when utilizing the AC adapter (included) and in under 2 seconds (1.63 to be exact) with the 9v battery (included). The Smart Vaults can accommodate 15 different fingerprints. The HDX-250 has an auto-opening door, just swipe your finger and the door opens. Mounting holes are located in the bottom of the box for direct mounting, an optional accessory mounting bracket is also available.

The HDX-250 has been designed to safely store your firearms until the moment you need it. The Heavy Duty 14-gauge steel door has built-in anti-pry tabs and the reinforced latch system is specifically designed to resist pry attacks and other attempts to gain entry. Liberty engineers and tests everything that we build so that you can trust your vault to protect your firearms and your family.

Liberty is known for quality and stands behind the HDX models by offering a 5-year replacement warranty on any defects.

Speed and Security when you need it most. Don’t settle when protecting your family…trust the best, trust a Liberty! Made in the USA!

  • The most reliable biometric system available
  • Quick and Secure finger swipe access
  • 15 Fingerprint Memory
  • Auto-Open Door
  • Lighted Interior
  • Tamper Resistant Design
  • Sturdy Steel Construction
  • Fits most handgun sizes
  • Includes AC adapter
  • Key Backup
  • 5-year warranty

Exterior Dimensions: 12.5″ x 11.5″ x 7″
Weight: 15.5 lbs.


*This is a California-approved firearm safety device that meets the requirements

of Penal Code section 23655 and the regulations issued thereunder.

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  • Ron Holland

    I appreciate this type of safe and like the idea of biometrics, but don’t yet trust them. I use a “push button” style safe. I have 2 of them, identical codes and have never had a failure to open. The safe is not what you would expect, was less expensive than anything like it. It is the Sentry Gun Safe, but the maker of all those fire safes that many of us have. Works great.