FBI Director Says Concealed Carriers Are Law Enforcement Officer’s Best Backup

FBI Director Testifies He’s Never Had Problems With Concealed Carriers

via Chuck Ross at The Daily Caller 


FBI director James Comey testified in front of a House panel on Wednesday to discuss the agency’s 2016 budget, but he ended up making a profound point about the issue of concealed carry.


At the end of the two-hour budget hearing, Texas U.S. Rep. John Culberson, chairman of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Justice, asked Comey about the nature of his interactions with legal concealed carry permit holders.


Before his stint as head of the FBI, Comey worked for more than two decades as a federal prosecutor.


“You mentioned earlier about criminals with guns, I doubt you’ve ever had a problem with a concealed carry permit holder who is licensed with a background check using their good judgment,” Culberson said at the end of Comey’s two-hour testimony. “Could you comment on that as a law enforcement officer?”


“I haven’t had situations where there has been problems with that,” Comey said.


“With a concealed carry permit holder?” Culberson asked.


“No, not that I can remember,” Comey said.


“That’s a law enforcement officer’s best backup, particularly if he’s a Texan,” Culberson said.

The best line from this whole piece is the last one here, suggesting that a concealed carrier is law enforcement’s best backup. If only more elected officials understood that.

For the most part concealed carriers understand that their permit is not a badge, and that the police should be called for most non-life threatening issues.

However, having a concealed firearm, and being trained with it does provide permit holders to step in and stop a crime in progress or assist police officers in dire situations.

Kudos to the FBI Director Comey for his astute comments.



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