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Shooting Range Bag – Drago Gear Review



Having a carry bag or case for your firearms is simply a necessity these days. With so many pistol bags on the market, it’s hard to find one that stands out from the rest but you certainly shouldn’t have trouble finding one that suits your needs. After reviewing the Drago Gear Double Pistol Bag, I have no doubt there are many of you who would find this handgun bag to suit your needs.

When I do gear reviews, my first policy is to never look at the price. I do not want my opinion or reviewing experience be tainted by knowing how much something costs. Too cheap and my standards are lowered to reflect the price point. Too expensive and the bar is raised considerably for what the cost is. Neither of these are fair when you are just trying to review the item for its intended purpose. So at the time of the review, I had no price point on this Drago Bag and will not reveal the price until the end of the review.

The information on the official Drago website does not provide much of a description or intended use for this pistol bag. They simply provide some facts, which I have listed below.

Double Pistol Shooting Range Bag Specs:

  • Dual padded compartments cushion and protect 2 handguns
  • 5 internal magazine holders
  • Convenient carry handle
  • Heavy-duty, non-rust zippers
  • Center compartment holds ammo and range tools
  • Dimensions: 12.5″x9.5″x4.5″


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So from these facts provided, we can assume this is firearm carry bag is intended as a double pistol range bag, allowing one to carry two handguns along with range accessories necessary for a good time popping some rounds off at the range.

The first thing I did when examining the shooting range bag was to open its main compartments and examine the space available for the two handguns. Although from looking at it from the outside I was confident it would hold two of my handguns, I personally do not own any really massive sized handguns but wanted to make sure that those who do would also be able to use this.

I was quite surprised by the amount of room available in each of these compartments. There is no doubt that two full sized handguns (Desert Eagle sized) could fit well into this ccw carry bag. Obviously if you are rocking hand cannons you are going to need something more specialized for what you have.


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Now that I have two handguns safely secured in the designated shooting range bags, I was happy to see there was a lot of space in the middle compartment between the two. Since the front compartment is designated to hold your mags this middle pouch is great for any other range accessories you want to pack along.

I was able to get two 100 round 9mm ammo boxes and five 50 round 9mm ammo boxes; that is a lot of good self defense ammo! This does not include the four fully loaded magazines I had yet to place in the front magazine pouch. The pouch’s built in mag holders did hold my mags very tight and secure. I did have a little struggle getting my double stack mag in one of the holders, but since the range bag is brand new I am sure as I break it in the double stack pistol will slide in easier over time.

double pistol range bagpistol range bagSo we know now that Drago did a great job with the size, spaciousness, and compartments of the bag, but what about its quality and durability? For this next set of tests I was pretty rough on the new bag. It was lots of pulling, tugging, dropping, dragging, throwing, and I even let my 110lb Pitbull at it for a few minutes.

The first thing I noticed during this phase was the size of the zippers, or more accurately the zipper handles. They were large by most other shooter bag standards, which was a good thing. They allowed me to get a good grip on the zipper and they were easy to locate wherever they ended up being positioned on the bag. Plus they were sturdy and had a decent weight to them. They certainly didn’t feel cheap. They actually felt quite well made and strong. I am confident these zippers would stand up to years of heavy use without any issues.

The Nylon of the bag also felt very sturdy and “tough” if that is the right word. Feeling the bag instilled a sense of confidence in its durability; plus it felt like how a gun bag should feel. It wasn’t smooth and soft, or plushy in any way. It had a rugged abrasiveness to it which I really liked. I definitely felt like it would not only serve as a great way to travel with my firearms, but it would also do a great job protecting whatever it was I had inside.

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However, I wanted to put it to the test to see if it would stand up to heavy use. My Pitbull’s favorite game is tug of war. So I gave her the handle and held onto the rest of the bag with a two handed firm grip. She pulled and pulled, shook left and right, and yanked hard enough to pull me towards her a couple times, but after five minutes of this violent test the bag handle withstood it all without and kind of tearing or displacement. The worst it suffered was dog slobber, and surprisingly there weren’t even any bite marks or rips on the end she had in her mouth.

After some additional durability tests, I was pretty impressed with this little handgun bag. It was definitely something I wanted to use for myself and felt pretty happy with the way it looked, felt, and functioned. From my experience with gun bags I had figured this shooting range bag, based on its quality and what it has to offer probably was somewhere in the $60-80 price range. So I searched on Amazon for what they are selling it for. When I pulled it up I was shocked to see that it was being sold for only $22.71. Amazon listed it’s retail price for $32.97, so even at full retail this bag is still a huge steal.


Final Verdict:

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If you are looking for a good range bag for two handguns or a shooters bag to transport your two handguns along with extra mags and a lot of extra ammo then this bag is exactly what you’re looking for. It’s simple, sturdy, spacious, and stylish. If you want something more tactical with a lot of extra bells, whistles, and frills you will want to look elsewhere. Although versatile in what you can carry in the center compartment, this Drago Bag has one function and that is to carry your firearms for you. It wont do anything else; and that is just fine for me. At the Amazon price of $22.71 I don’t think you are ever going to find a better value for something of this quality.

Take a look at their website for more info:


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