Defensive Gun Use Is Not a Myth

Defensive Gun Use – Why Critics Still Have It All Wrong

defensive gun use does save lives


Via Gary Kleck on Politico

To summarize, notwithstanding DeFilippis and Hughes’ one-sided cherry-picking of the research evidence, surveys do not overestimate the number of DGUs (or anything else crime-related), and at least 18 national surveys have consistently confirmed that DGUs are very common, probably more common than criminal uses of guns.

This is possibly the greatest example of misinformation in our industry, the numbers that Hemenway disputed and attached his low estimates to are numbers that are used by many people to highlight actual defensive gun uses each year. The truth is that there are millions of defensive gun uses each year and about 32,000 gun fatalities, which includes, murder, suicide, and accidental deaths. Looking at the actual defensive gun uses in the millions each year it is easy to see that without guns as a viable self-defense tool in a world of armed criminals the fatality number would be much higher.

So why are the number so low when you look at Hemenway’s research? Because he wants them to be so they can be used in articles that he knows won’t get verified, the numbers are not accurate in the slightest and that is by design, not only were the people polled an inaccurate slice of America, the poll lacked questions about defensive gun use. This research was designed to be quickly and easily broadcast throughout the gun-control community to be used to discount defensive gun use. This community relies on misinformation to further their agenda and is counting on America to be the good flock we are and not fact check the defensive gun use data.

When we look at recent higher profile defensive gun uses like this case involving Ex-CNN Anchor Lynn Russell and her husband Ex-CNN Reporter Chuck De Caro, we see people who are very clear about what happened and what could have or would have happened if they hadn’t been armed. We also see wonderful new spokesperson emerge who isn’t afraid to tell the gun-control advocates to “Shut The F–k Up About It” knowing that she and her husband may be dead without The Second Amendment.

defensive gun use and lipstick

Truth be told guns are being seen more and more by varying demographics of people as a viable self-defense tool, this is very evident when you take the time to dig deeply into the facts that are out there on defensive gun use. It is important to objectively look at the articles and information you take in and when you see these very brief unchecked articles that want to spout off as an authority on the topic of defensive gun use or any other topic for that matter do the fact checking and call out the misinformation.



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