Crime Prevention Report: 92% of Mass Shootings Happened in Gun-Free Zones

Annie Stonebreaker - October 15, 2015


Gun-free zones are unconstitutional death zones, they are the true problem


As a country faced with what feels like an increasing amount of mass shootings, the obvious way to address the issue would be to compare each case and find similarities in each situation that could lead to prevention.

A report from the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) was done recently that analyzed data from crime reports and revealed new information on mass shootings in the U.S. The problem that supporters of the Second Amendment have already known, is made blatantly evident in this report.

92% of mass shootings from 2009 to 2014 have occurred in gun-free zones.

This research done by John Lott of the Crime Prevention Research Center debunks Everytown for Gun Safety’s report called “The Real Story of Mass Shootings in America.”

Everytown for Gun Safety has released several reports in the past all of which have been highly criticized by major credible sources, such as CNN or the Washington Post. Just the same John Lott has been criticized for being a gun rights supporter and his research is frequently used by the NRA.

2 holster comboI admonish every person to do research for themselves and don’t believe everything you hear. Compare Everytown’s research to John Lott’s research and determine the truth based on your own findings. Above all, don’t discredit the facts. Let’s break it down.

The CPRC determined that 92% of mass public shootings happened in gun free zones while Everytown determined almost the exact opposite, that only 14% of mass shootings happen in gun free zones. CPRC came to the conclusion that there were 25 mass shootings, while Everytown concluded there were 110.

Take a look at how they came to these conclusions. What constituted a school shooting to Everytown included acts of gang violence, drug dealing and robberies near schools that were on campus, happened through the night, over summers and even when school was not in session. For instance, Everytown’s total of mass shootings included a case in Iowa where a man committed suicide on school campus in the middle of the night and an armed robbery that took place on a road running through a school campus. That does not sound like a mass shooting, but according to Everytown, “They fit the definition from the FBI…” I don’t think so Everytown, nice try though.

70% of the 110 incidents Everytown claims were mass-shootings took place in private residences. 

Other things that varied in both reports were the ages of the shooters, mental health and state laws on carrying concealed. Either way Everytown’s report seems like a lot of white lies and erroneous information.

In examining mass school shootings, gun-free zones were always targeted. It would not fit the plan of the shooter to be shot before he could shoot a number of others and before he could be made famous by the media. Where would be the best place a coward would pick to shoot a large group of people unable to fight back or defend themselves? A gun-free zone of course.

Why has this not been considered by our politicians and everyone as a whole? These gun-free zones are death and massacre zones! Why are we letting this continue? There’s been many instances where a shooter went to do damage in a place where guns weren’t prohibited, but was shot or stopped by an armed citizen.

How many more shootings will take place in gun-free zones before we understand this and do away with them? We all have our constitutional right to keep and bear firearms, we must fight to keep this from being taken away.