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Latest Gun Contests From Around the Web

We here at Defend and Carry take pride in the fact that we do whatever we can to provide the latest and most relevant gun related articles on the web. We decided to take that a step further and provide the latest gun contests on the web for all of our followers. Enjoy and good luck!

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With Labor Day coming up fast, here's some promotional deals being offered:

Cabela's Sporting Goods

Cabela's Outfitters Labor Day Deals

Cabela's is having a Labor Day Sale, don't miss out! They're offering specials both online and in stores until September 4th, 2017.


Brownell's Labor Day Deals

Brownell's is also having some Labor Day Specials. From uppers to receivers, get 'em while they're on sale!

Stay Tuned for future contest and giveaways...