Do I Need to Wear Special Clothing for Concealed Carry?

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CCW Clothing – Dressed for Every Occasion

There is clothing that is streamlined for concealed carry – loose, comfortable, and made with a secure waistline for holding an inside the waistband or outside the waistband concealed carry holster. Ultimately, the aesthetics of an individual’s choice merely needs to account for strapping on and carrying in a concealed fashion.

Let’s go over some clothing options which work well with concealed carry holster systems.

Utility cargo pants/shorts

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Whether it be a name brand set of durable cotton or other fabric, the best rule of thumb is to allow at least an extra inch on the waistline to accommodate an inside the waistband concealed carry holster. For those open carrying, however, just having a belt line to connect a holster system is good enough.


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It really depends on personal style for this. Some people enjoy the comfort and durability of a snug pair of jeans. Most well designed concealed carry holsters tend to play well in jeans but there is always the risk of “printing” if the trousers are too tight. It’s best to bank on a size bigger than one would normally wear if he or she is going with an inside the waistband holster. For an outside the waistband holster, it’s a moot point.


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Ladies who enjoy the security of being able to conceal carry sometimes have a big dilemma when it comes to dresses. There’s a tendency to use a purse or clutch to transport a firearm – but we’ve already discussed in this article that it may not be the best idea. With a skirt that’s not affixed with a belt, there’s going to be an issue of tugging which may make an inside the waistband holster a bit more tricky. So, if concealed carry is the goal – a skirt with a belt may clash but it does serve a purpose.

There are some workarounds, though! Some concealed carry systems include a wraparound for the waist which acts as a way to either affix a hybrid holster or inside the waistband holster with belt clips. The biggest detractor from this comes with long, billowy skirts. There’s a real risk of “printing”. However, the alternative of using an ankle holster really comes down to what a woman is trained for in terms of employing a concealed carry handgun.

Formal Wear (Tuxedo, Suit)

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Anything that distracts or redirects attention away from the belt line is immediately a CCW friendly formal clothing option. The great part about formal wear is that unless it’s tailored tight, there’s usually some breeze room to still carry concealed within the waistband. Items like cummerbunds, vests, formal white gloves can all act as impediments to pulling out a concealed carry handgun – but those are dress considerations that the trained CCW person will hopefully account for.

Not recommended for formal wear or business suits is a shoulder holster. This has a real bad tendency to print on the suit coat. However, personal points of preference and security always apply.

Have you found any interesting workarounds for keeping your favorite concealed carry pistol or revolver on your person no matter the attire? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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