Concealed Carry 101

Getting Started: What you Need to Know

Getting started with concealed carry? Defend and Carry has what you need to know to take you from zero to concealed carrying hero with concealed carry news, articles, tips, tricks and everything in between. If a person aims to do a thing, it is best done well, including concealed carry. A person should be able to carry a concealed handgun safely, competently, comfortably and confidently - and we are here to help you do just that.

Concealed Carry Training

If there is one thing any concealed carrier should get, it's concealed carry training. It may even be mandated by state law. Concealed carry training gives a person an introduction to concealed carry law, basic firearms training, and also shooting training - as defensive shooting is much different than target practice. Here you'll find the tips, tricks and techniques to help you carry competently, confidently and safely.

Resources For The New Concealed Carrier

Defend and Carry's Top Ten Concealed Carry Guns are the best handguns for concealed carry according to us and also our readers, commenters and fans.

These guns are some of the most commonly carried pistols out there; chances are if a person is carrying a CCW, it's one of these guns. All are noted for concealability, ease of carrying, reliability and accuracy.

If you're looking for a concealed carry pistol, or looking to add to your arsenal or just like reading up on guns, these are some of the best available.

If you are looking for well-informed and qualified instructors to train you for any concealed carry situation then don't forget to check out our comprehensive CCW List of Instructors nearest to you.

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Don't Forget About Gun Safety

If one is going to carry a gun, there is nothing more vital than gun safety. The concealed carrier, hunter or target shooter has a responsibility to themselves and to others to carry and handle firearms safely. The team at Alien Gear Holsters have created a comprehensive guide to gun safety, covering every aspect of gun safety from A to Z.

Want to learn everything about gun safety? Click on Alien Gear's Complete Guide To Gun Safety. It covers everything you'll need to know.

Trusted Concealed Carry Gear

Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0

The Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 is the next step in evolution for the IWB holster design. Alien Gear's hybrid design includes a retention shell that's custom-made for the firearm one wants to carry. The shell is adjustable to set retention force to one's choosing.

The holster has a spring steel core that flexes and holds a pistol securely while being carried and the neoprene backer keeps the wearer dry. They also have a lifetime warranty and a 30 day trial period. You can even trade in the retention shell if you trade in your pistol.

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Bigfoot Gunbelt

Carrying a gun requires a beefier belt, and Bigfoot Gun Belts makes some of the strongest leather gun belts on the market. You can choose 14-oz or 18-oz leather - the latter is more for full-size handguns - and black or brown leather. The 14-oz belt can be had with or without a spring steel insert for greater rigidity. (The 18-oz belt is only available with one.) The 14-oz belt with a spring steel core carries most pistols incredibly well, should last for years with the spring steel insert, is very reasonably priced and the belt looks good to boot.

If you're looking for a gun belt, Bigfoot Gun Belts is the one we recommend.

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Alien Gear Mag Carriers

One of the best bits of concealed carry gear besides a good belt and holster is spare magazine, and the mag carriers by Alien Gear Holsters are the best available. No other mag carrier is as versatile or as customizable as Alien Gear Mag Carriers.

The holster bucket is adjustable for retention, and the mag carrier is also adjustable for cant angle. It can be carried in or out of the waistband, and comes with a cushion for use as an IWB mag carrier, made with neoprene and Alien Gear's Alien Skin surfacing material. The magazine bucket itself features an inverted "V"-shaped riser that allows the magazine to be inserted facing forward or backward, with the topmost round resting perfectly against the riser for a fit unlike any other.

They are available in one or two-magazine capacity. There are many mag carriers available, but none as well-designed or as versatile as Alien Gear's.

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