Concealed Carrier Being Robbed At ATM, Deposits Hot Lead Instead; Kills Bad Guy

Mississippi armed robbers order man to visit ATM; he pulls gun and kills one



By William LaRue, National Desk,

A Jackson, Mississippi, man packing items into his truck Saturday had his wallet stolen by two armed robbers who then forced him to drive to an ATM.

The incident ended when the victim grabbed a gun from his truck and fatally shot one of the two suspects, the Clarion-Ledger reported. The other robber fled in a tan SUV with no tag. The kidnapped man was not injured.

Jackson police did not immediately identify the victim or suspects.

The incident began around 7 a.m. when the two suspects approached the victim at his truck. They forced the man into his house where they took his wallet before ordering him to drive to the ATM to obtain more money.

One of the kidnappers threatened to return to the house and harm the man’s wife, police said.

When they ordered him out of the truck, he retrieved a gun and began shooting at the robbers, killing one at the scene, WAPT-TV in Jackson reported.

The suspect who fled was described as about 5-foot-10, last seen wearing a bandana with dark clothes.

Police said they believed it was justifiable homicide, but the case would be sent to a grand jury, according to the Clarion-Ledger.

Don’t you just love when concealed carriers turn the tables? It gives me an overwhelming sense of pride to see our open and concealed carry community standing up against their attackers. The story explains that the victim was unharmed; no surprise there. The guy had a gun, and he knew how to defend himself.

Put yourself in this situation. Imagine being forced into your own house, then forced at gunpoint to drain your bank account for the benefit of two criminals. A gun is necessary for these moments in life. When an individual threatens my life or the life of another innocent victim, that’s when they ultimately give up their own right to live.

The happy ending comes in the form of law enforcement’s support for the victim’s actions. Lets hope they find the other idiot that was lucky enough to get away. What a coward.

This story proves to be reason number 34,368 to keep a gun close by for protection.

Author: David

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