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best truck guns

5 Great Truck Guns

5 Awesome “Truck Gun” Pistols Thing about “truck guns” is that not all of the suggested candidates are easy to hide, nor…

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best owb holster

Gear Review: Alien Gear Cloak Mod OWB Holster

What to Look for in an OWB Holster As a proud American, I am so grateful to the Founding Fathers for having…

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reactive targets

The Beginner’s Guide to Reactive Targets

What would be an ingenious invention for anyone that wants to improve their accuracy and speed when shooting? You don’t have to…

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best ways to carry a firearm

Best Ways To Carry Your Handgun

What’s Your Concealed and Open Carry Situation? Over 20 years ago when I first decided to begin carrying a firearm I had…

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best sig guns

What are the Best Sig Sauer Pistols to Own?

What makes Sig pistols better? In 1853, 3 gentlemen started a venture into creating a wagon factory in Switzerland. This took quite…

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best gun related blog posts

Best 7 Gun Related Blog Posts of 2016

As everyone is trading their pumpkins for pumpkin spice lattes and getting ready for the snow that is soon to follow which…

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best tactical gear

Top 9 Best Tactical Gear To Own

What is tactical gear? Tactical gear covers a huge range of products specifically used by those who practice tactics and strategy daily, such…

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best 9mm ammo for ccw

Best 9mm Ammo for Self Defense

What is 9mm Ammo? 9mm ammo, abbreviated from 9 x 19mm Parabellum and also known as 9mmP, was designed and introduced in 1902…

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concealed carry in winter

Carrying Concealed and Winter Activities

Handling Winter Activities While Concealed Carrying This is, as Andy Williams once said, the most wonderful time of the year. Sure the…

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concealed carry off body

How to Handle Off the Body Carry

Off the Body Carry is Acceptable When Done Right The further a firearm is stored off the body, the less secure it…

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