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is an ar 15 an assault rifle

All About the AR 15 Rifle

Is the AR 15 an Assault Rifle? Let’s be clear. The simple answer is NO, the AR 15 is not an assault…

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best sig guns

What are the Best Sig Sauer Pistols to Own?

What makes Sig pistols better? In 1853, 3 gentlemen started a venture into creating a wagon factory in Switzerland. This took quite…

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best gun safe

5 No-Brainer Reasons to Get a Gun Safe

Got guns? Even if you don’t have kids, you need to invest in a gun safe. We’re sharing 5 reasons why –…

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best gun related blog posts

Best 7 Gun Related Blog Posts of 2016

As everyone is trading their pumpkins for pumpkin spice lattes and getting ready for the snow that is soon to follow which…

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best tactical gear

Top 9 Best Tactical Gear To Own

What is tactical gear? Tactical gear covers a huge range of products specifically used by those who practice tactics and strategy daily, such…

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best 9mm ammo for ccw

Best 9mm Ammo for Self Defense

What is 9mm Ammo? 9mm ammo, abbreviated from 9 x 19mm Parabellum and also known as 9mmP, was designed and introduced in 1902…

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choosing self defense tool

3 Self Defense Tools as Alternatives to Firearm Carry

Alternatives To Carrying Concealed   There are a lot of state restrictions on what constitutes a concealed carry weapon – and thus…

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home defense ar 15

How To Set Up Your AR 15 For Home Defense

AR 15 Mods for Self Defense The AR 15 seems to be the American darling of semi-automatic rifles. Every single gun shop sells…

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