Campus Carry Coming Soon To Texas






Two state House members who represent areas near Eastfield predict that the campus carry bill will become law this year.


Reps. Cindy Burkett (R-Sunnyvale) and Kenneth Sheets (R-Dallas) talked about gun bills, texting while driving, college tuition and other issues at an Eastfield town hall forum March 28.


The Campus Carry Bill, Senate Bill 11, would allow people with concealed weapons licenses to bring guns onto public college campuses such as Eastfield. Private colleges and universities could opt out.


“We have a right to defend ourselves,” Sheets said. “And one of the scariest things you hear about, for women in particular, one of the scariest positions for women to be in is walking to their car after class at night.”


Sheets made a point to mention that licensed carriers would also be permitted to carry at the Texas Capitol.


Sheets and Burkett both favor the bill for campus carry.

Under Governer Abbot, Texas looks to be stepping up to its reputation of being a very VERY Pro-Gun state. After recently passing open carry in Texas, it looks as though Campus Carry is next.

According to the article, two state Reps recently visited Eastfield College to talk to students about various issues facing Texas.

During the conversation, the topics of Campus Carry came up and both reps agreed that they felt it would pass and be signed into law. Both reps also said they supported the bill.

Their reasoning behind supporting the bill is simple; people have the right to protect themselves wherever they are.

Although colleges and universities are normally safe places, it does not mean that bad things cannot or do not happen on campus.

The center of campus carry has lately revolved around women, and giving them a first response weapon against potential rapists by carrying a handgun.

Another strong argument for campus carry is for students to be able to defend themselves in the event of an active shooter on campus.

Many questions were raised the last several times a mass shooting took place on a college campus about whether or not the gunman could have been stopped early on if students were allowed to carry guns to defend themselves.

All but one mass shooting in recent years have taken place in “No Gun Zones.” Generally, a College Campus is be default a No Gun Zone, and thus makes it a perfect target for a madman looking to kill innocent people.

I believe Texas can set an example for the rest of the country and show that Campus Carry will prevent mass shootings, not encourage them.



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