Bigfoot Gun Belts Review: The Belt That Just Won’t Stop


Won’t stop getting good reviews, won’t stop holding up, being legendary, beasting…

There’s a reason Bigfoot Gun Belts described the belt as “untamed”… this belt is as relentless and as much of a legend as it’s mascot.

What’s one of the biggest, most common complaints with any other gun belt? Sagging.

Bigfoot Gun Belts got right to the point and addressed that very issue. Actually they fixed the issue. With a Spring-Steel Core sandwiched between two meaty slabs of english bridle leather.

That means you can hold your heaviest guns and tools on the belt without any wearing down or droopiness that might threaten to drop your cargo.

It’s never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you. This belt’s never gonna make you cry or say goodbye… Sorry, had to, but all rick rolls aside, I have this phenomenal picture of me standing on the belt without any sort of bending, crumpling or giving in.

Stress Test

This belt has a bunch of other cool features I could sit here and explain but I’m thinking you’re going to want to check it out for yourself after this…

I could tell you how much I believe in this belt after wearing it for a week and how it’s now an essential part of my everyday attire… but I think these reviewers did a much better job of reviewing it. Take a look.

Concealed Nation really put the belt through hell, this review was fun to read. Author James England took a jigsaw, soldering iron, and a 726 degree (on average) furnace  in what he called a “torture test,” to test the quality of the leather, durability of the thread and stitching, and steel core. He determined the quality is unquestionable, the core is authentic steel (doesn’t melt at normal combustion temperatures), the stitching is sturdy and reinforced, and the leather is unyielding.

I’ve since inferred that if someone ever tries to throw this thing into a wood chipper — that wood chipper better come with a “no questions asked” warranty.

The guys from Fire Mountain Outdoors do a video review of the belt. “I can’t stand being without my belt. I use it, I like it, I endorse it: good stuff.” Enjoy watching a couple of entertaining rednecks review the belt.

The Truth About Guns also reviews the belt, check out their review here.

A sturdy belt is the foundation upon which any carry system (save pocket) must be built and Bigfoot makes a pretty convincing case for itself. writes this well-worded review on the belts.

After running a number of conventional and specialty gun belts through their paces over the years, I believe that I have found my ideal gun belt: the one that offers the most bang for my buck and is best suited for the types of handguns and modes of carry that I practice.


After almost three months of daily use (with and without CCW holsters), it shows little if any signs of wear, continues to carry my holstered handguns comfortably and securely, and conforms perfectly to my waist looking to all the world like a quality dress belt.

And here’s a few reviews from Bigfoot’s website…
























Defend and Carry reviews items we think are great aids to your concealed/open carrying. Like several others have said, a quality gun belt is really an understated necessity: it is almost essential to have a reliable belt for carrying. The Bigfoot gun belt does all this, go make sure and take a look yourself at

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