Best EDC Knives 2015

best edc knived 2015

Top 5 Every Day Carry Knives For The Concealed Carrier


For the concealed carrier, having a knife can serve a lot of different purposes.  For instance, a Gerber multi-tool can be very useful for doing routine weapon maintenance for European models such as the CZ-75.  A Smith & Wesson pocket knife can come in handy when opening a fresh bottle of weapon lubricant.  The EDC knife that accompanies your everyday conceal carry firearm should compliment and support its functions.  Here’s a few popular ones we thought would be of interest.


Gerber 600 Multi-Tool

gerber 600 edc carry

Price: $72 Bucks | Website

Yes.. Yes.. not a knife; the reason why we’re recommending this one is the longevity of the materials used in its construction, the Phillips head screwdriver attachment for weapons maintenance, and a pair of needle nose pliers.  This is all around a great EDC knife because it serves an all around purpose.



canadian belt steel knife

Price: $19.19 | Website

It’s cheap, it’s effective, it’s a fixed blade.  While a lot of concealed carriers seem to prefer a folded blade – similar to a Smith & Wesson folded knife – a fixed blade is more effective if you intend to do any extended amount of cutting.  If you’re a woodsmen or someone who just spends a lot of time outdoors, a small, portable fixed blade will maintain its edge and serve you a lot longer than a folded one.  Plus, Cold Steel is pretty famous for their high quality steel and maintaining a razor sharp cutting edge.


Havalon Piranta Torch Light Copper

Havalon Piranta Torch Light Copper

Price: $59.99 | Website

It’s like a pocket knife that could double as a surgical scalpel.  Especially for those first responders out there that need to be able to cut with immediate precision – this is probably the blade you’re looking for.  And just like a scalpel, it has replacement blades.  So, this isn’t the knife to try to hack down a tree with.  But if you need to repair a piece of rubber duct or perform an emergency tracheotomy, this would work.


Leatherman Crater c33Tx Black Oxide

Leatherman Crater c33Tx Black Oxide

Price: $54.60 | Website

Not everyone wants to crate around a multi-tool with seventeen thousand different attachments.  Some people just want a sharp, reliable blade that folds out and maybe a screwdriver.  That’s what the Leatherman Crater provides.  A very decent quality, sturdy knife with a good edge and both a flathead and phillips head screwdriver.  It’s a great emergency knife and something that if it isn’t your EDC – should definitely be in your bug-out bag.


SOGAC77 Access Card 2.0 Knife with Straight Edge Folding 2.75-Inch VG10 Steel Blade and Stainless Steel Handle

every day carry knife

Price: $107.75 | Website

It’s thin, it fits comfortably in your pocket and the steel holds a decent edge for awhile.  This is one of those extremely versatile EDC knives that people forget they’re carrying – until they need it.  This is generally the class of folded pocket knives we see on most concealed carriers.


In conclusion, pick an EDC knife that compliments your concealed carry firearm.  Pick something made from a good grade of steel and serves a purpose that works for your everyday environment.


What’s your EDC knife?  Tell us in the comments section below.

england-headshotJames England is a former United States Marine Signals Intelligence Operator and defense contractor with over two tours spread over the Al Anbar province and two more operating across Helmand and Baghdis. He is presently a writer focused on Western foreign policy and maintains an avid interest in firearms. A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, he presently resides in New Hampshire – the “Live Free or Die” state. He is finishing up his first novel, “American Hubris”, which is set to hit shelves in Fall of 2015.

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  • Ned Eickle

    Benchmade 583 Barrage rides my belt every day. Possibly the best folder I have ever owned.

  • Brian Kern

    Good article. Personally I don’t spend much money on EDC knives. I tend to loose them, break them, and what not. But EDC knives are tools, not weapons, so I think your inclusion of the pocket tool was right on. I carry a Winchester Folding Pocket tool and use it almost every day.

    • Clive

      Your EDC is your last ditch weapon and may save your life some day. Imagine the following. You’re attacked and end on your back. Your attacker is sitting on your chest, his foot is blocking your gun, but you can reach your knife.

  • Dennis Zeiter

    Kershaw Blur tanto partial serration, love it

  • Saint_Barry

    I’ve been carrying a Spiderco Delica serrated folder, in ZDP-189 steel, for years. It’s sturdy, useful, and with the pocket clip, it stays where I can get at it quickly.

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