Best 7 Gun Related Blog Posts of 2016

best gun related blog posts

As everyone is trading their pumpkins for pumpkin spice lattes and getting ready for the snow that is soon to follow which means the arrival of relatives to the dinner table and around the Christmas tree, it also marks the end of 2016. So in good holiday spirit we here at Defend and Carry want to share our fans favorite blog posts from 2016. So after you polish off the last of that turkey at the dinner table and before you try to hang those lights in the blizzard, take a moment to enjoy these awesome gun-related articles. Who knows, you might even come up with a new holiday wish-list after reading a few of these.

Top 9 Best Tactical Gear To Own

best tactical gear
Runner Up – It was too tough to call between this article and the one that came in at number 7, so we decided to include this one as a runner-up. This article talks about the best tactical gear to own and be able to train with. This is one of our newest articles we have posted and we did a lot of research in order to determine what we believed the top 9 best tactical gear to own would be. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Best 9MM Ammo For Self Defense

best 9mm ammunition
Number 7 – This is a really informative article and really well written by one of our full-time authors, Annie Stonebreaker. She goes in-depth to not only describe the best 9MM self defense ammo that you can get but also the most inexpensive kinds that are on the market today. Sit back with that pumpkin spice and enjoy!

Sig Sauer P250 Review

sig p250 review
Number 6 – If you were ever considering getting a Sig P250 then definitely read through our thorough review of this great pistol. Out of all of our review articles this one came out on top at number 6. There were three more reviews that we had done that came close but didn’t quite make the cut. In order, the other ones were Alien Gear Holsters Cloak Tuck 2.0 vs Cloak Tuck 3.0, and then Liberty Safe HDX 250 Smart Vault, and finally Bigfoot Gun Belts. Take some time to check these out and consider some Christmas gifts that will make the gun enthusiast members in your family really happy.

Top Five Jobs For Gun Lovers

jobs with guns
Number 5 – We figured this article would be in our list for top posts of 2016 when we published it. When you are able to find a job that you love you won’t work a day in your life. Take a look at the top jobs for gun lovers and see if you decide you want to apply for any of them.

Ten Best Ammunitions For Self Defense And Concealed Carry

best 9mm ammo for ccw
Number 4 – Much like the article that placed number 7, This blog post goes in-depth to describe what the best ammo a concealed carrier can use is. If you have ever wondered what type of ammo was the best for ccw then look no further than this article!

AR 15 For Home Defense

ar 15
Number 3 – Everybody likes a good AR article and this one is one of ours and our fans favorite posts. It delves into the topic of making your AR 15 home defense ready and some additional AR mods that can be added for better security. Maybe its just me, but it also seems like around the holidays, all the family members that own an AR are showing it off to their siblings and cousins, so a good refresher on AR 15 and AR 15 mods might come in handy.

Prepper Essential Items For Survival

shtf prepper list
Number 2 – Even if you aren’t a prepper it doesn’t hurt to look over some of the essential prepping items one possibly might need in an emergency. If you are a prepper, survivalist, or just cautious then this article is definitely worth reading. So if you are ever caught in a SHTF moment you can just think back to when you read this article and decided to prepare for the worst and hope for the best!

Concealed Carry Vs Open Carry

concealed carry vs open carry
Number 1 – We are finally down to our top gun related blog post of 2016! coming in at number 1 is concealed vs open carry, which talks about the difference between the two types of carry methods. This post is so popular that it is responsible for about 18% of the traffic on our website! It also is a great refresher for when you are meeting the in-laws over the holidays who may not be too fond of your concealed carry permit. So whether you have an iwb or owb holster for your open or concealed carry technique, this article is full of amazing tips and information for the average gun enthusiast.

We hope you enjoyed our best gun related blog articles of 2016 as much as that eggnog you enjoy on Christmas Eve. We have worked very hard this year to bring you the best and most relevant gun related content we could find and write about and are planning on an even better 2017. We look forward to seeing you on Defend and Carry after the new years and from all of us here at Defend and Carry we hope you have a great holiday season and wish you a happy 2017!


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