Gear Review: The All New ShapeShift Starter Kit From Alien Gear Holsters

The ShapeShift Starter Kit   Alien Gear Holsters has made some pretty great products. I currently own the Cloak Mod OWB Holster…

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best gun safe

5 No-Brainer Reasons to Get a Gun Safe

Got guns? Even if you don’t have kids, you need to invest in a gun safe. We’re sharing 5 reasons why –…

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ccw clothes

Do I Need to Wear Special Clothing for Concealed Carry?

There is clothing that is streamlined for concealed carry – loose, comfortable, and made with a secure waistline for holding an inside…

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concealed carry off body

How to Handle Off the Body Carry

Off the Body Carry is Acceptable When Done Right The further a firearm is stored off the body, the less secure it…

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best gun belt

What’s The Deal With Gun Belts?

Why Are Gun Belts Such an Important Part of EDC Gear Of course, the Bigfoot gun belt has arrived. It’s featuring 14-18…

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best holsters

The Different Types Of Holsters

A holster may well be the most important accessory one buys for a firearm outside of a cleaning kit, so it’s beneficial…

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store a gun in a car

Car Gun Storage In Hot Weather

What Do I Need For Car Gun Storage In Hot Weather?   Not everyone can carry at their place of work, which…

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concealed carrying while excersizing

Concealed Carry While Exercising

Concealed Carry Weapons Shouldn’t Be Left Behind While Exercising   Concealed carry while exercising can pose a challenge for many gun owners…

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reloading your own ammo

Reloading CCW Ammo Yourself – Pro’s and Con’s

Pro’s And Con’s Of Reloading Your Own Ammo For Your EDC   As concealed carriers who practice on a regular basis, we’ve…

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ccw permit application

CCW License Application and State Differences

When applying for a concealed carry handgun permit, states are allowed to make up their own rules. While all are obligated to…

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