Armed Samaritan Detains Kidnapper At Gunpoint Until Police Respond

Annie Stonebreaker - September 4, 2015


Woman saved from desperate scheme by armed citizen



Via Joe Utter at iFiberOne news

An armed citizen reportedly held a kidnapping suspect at gunpoint until the Moses Lake police arrived.

Jaclyn I. Salas, a 25-year-old Moses Lake resident, is accused of kidnapping a woman and driving into oncoming traffic to kill them both.

The whole incident happened when four women were fighting at an apartment complex. Someone called in the domestic disturbance in and before police could arrive one of the women was able to get her victim in the car and drive off.

The victim said her kidnapper drove through several red lights and when she tried to escape her kidnapper would speed up. It escalated as the kidnapper was driving the car towards incoming traffic to have a head-on crash and kill both women. Thats when the victim escaped and ran while screaming she had been kidnapped.

iron cladFortunately an armed citizen was close and held the kidnapper at gunpoint until police arrived at the scene. The woman was arrested and charged for kidnapping in the first degree, malicious mischief, assault and court order violation.

It was extremely lucky that there was an armed citizen in the right place at the right time or the victim in this story could have been killed. It’s stories like this that are usually ignored because they prove that defensive gun use happens often and has a good outcome. The agenda of many right now is to prove that guns are violent, evil and dangerous and never do good. Guns don’t do anything, people use guns for their purpose.

More often than we think, people use guns without even firing to prevent tragedy. If more people started to carry it would increase the odds of instances like this, there would be less victims everywhere. You never know where you could be when the need arises for protection for yourself or others. Always carry and defend.