85-Year-Old Hero Defends Home Against Two Intruders

David - September 7, 2015

Dangerous Senior Aiming A Gun

85-year-old El Cerrito man shoots intruder during break in

Dangerous senior man aiming a gun at you and standing in old dark cabin.


EL CERRITO, Calif. (KTVU) – An 85-year-old man shot one of two intruders in the head as they tried to break into his home on Wednesday morning, according to El Cerrito Police.

I’ve always been a fan of elderly people for a number of reasons.

They’re like an old World War II grenade-you’re never sure of their full potential or when they could blow. This 85-year-old El Cerrito Hills resident did exactly that when two low-life knuckleheads came trudging through his backyard and straight to his backdoor. They were looking for grandpa’s goodies. Too bad Grandpa had a gun at the ready. What these two idiots don’t realize is this: you’re essentially giving up your life if you ever choose to enter a private residence without the consent of the homeowner. Duh!

Perhaps this dawned on the criminal as he ran 15 blocks while bleeding from the head.

Maybe he realized that breaking into a home on a sunny September day might not have been the most rationally sound decision he’s ever made.

Regardless, we’ve got to look at the bigger picture here. This 85-year-old, like many other elderly people, can only effectively defend themselves by using a gun. Their bones are brittle and their muscles grow weary. The beautiful thing about guns is this: guns level the playing field. The elderly prey suddenly becomes a force to be reckoned with once they have a firearm in their hand.

Some may argue that elderly people shouldn’t be in possession of guns for their own safety. Right… Well, we might as well take away their walker privileges as well while we’re at it! Say we did confiscate an Americans right to firearms at a certain age. Call it 75. What would the effects be?


This generation has been through a hell of a lot, and who are we to take away their God given Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms? Let’s check back on our initial story with our 85-year-old friend from El Cerrito Hills. How’s he doing at the moment?

He’s happy as a clam. Why? Because as a legal gun owner, he’s still alive and kickin’.

There’s a good moral to this story: elderly people are awesome, especially when they take advantage of their Constitutional rights in order to save their own wrinkled skin.

Criminals as brash as these two scallywags should be fearful of citizens within their own home. The more stories like this they see in the news, the more they become weary of such bold and cheeky crimes.

Keep it comin’, old timers.