5 Countries and Cities Where Firearm Homicide Rates Spiked After Gun Bans

Gun bans have the opposite effect politicians expect – gun bans don’t reduce crime

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With more and more restrictions put on the Second Amendment recently, many fear we are headed to federal confiscation of firearms.

This fear is not unfounded as our president has used Australia’s gun confiscation as a “good example” in his push for gun control, and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has said that if she were to be elected she would immediately carry out executive orders on gun control.

We know gun control is not the answer. When you ban guns it’s the innocent that suffer. The law abiding citizens will turn in their firearms, but the criminals will not follow the new laws (hence “criminals”) and they will continue to prey on the innocent with an even bigger advantage.

Our right to bear arms in America constantly saves lives through self defense every day.

Take a look at these countries and cities that went through gun bans and lost many lives in the process.

Research from John Lott with the Crime Prevention Research Center.

1. Britain

England saw an immediate 50% increase in homicide rates. The rate of homicides doubled after the ban went into effect. 2003 and ’04 saw a decrease in homicides after more efforts were put into policing. Even after this though the rates were still higher than before the ban.

2. Ireland


Ireland confiscated all firearms in 1972. Guns were turned in to the police for “temporary” inspection, but were never returned. Murders per 100,000 population spiked from about 0.4 to 1.6 in the immediate years following the confiscation.

3. Jamaica


4. Washington D.C.


Note that this chart is looking at DC’s murder rate relative to other large cities. This allows the statistics to be adjusted for national trends. The next chart looking at Chicago employs the same relative measure.


5. Chicago


So the question is, after all this proof, after failed attempts from other countries and cities, why are people still convinced gun control works?

cloak tuck 3.0Now more than ever, we need to fight for our right to bear arms. If our constitution is being challenged and slowly chipped away by our politicians and our own president… They must be called out: American citizens need to step in and protect our rights.

Author: Annie Stonebreaker

Annie is attending North Idaho College for a degree in journalism and is enjoying writing about everything guns for Defend and Carry. She finds our right to bear arms imperative and can get quite spicy on the topic. In her spare time she loves reading, playing outdoors, any water activities, eating sweet treats, eating in general, playing music or spending time with her Fiance, and being surrounded by good friends, conversation and laughter.

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