20 Rounds Fired In Crazy Street Battle

Man fires 20 rounds at robbers in Conway neighborhood

Via Kevin Trager, KTHV

CONWAY, Ark. (KTHV) – An attempted armed robbery Monday night turned into a shootout in a Conway neighborhood.


Conway Police say 34-year-old James Allen was the victim of an attempted armed robbery outside a home on Joyner Drive. Allen didn’t want to speak on camera but told THV11 he was walking to his car when two men approached him demanding money.


When he reached for his gun they shot first. He returned fire and starting running away. According to a police report Allen fired more than 20 rounds in the middle of the street.


One of the bullets struck a garage and the other struck Allen’s car. A Conway police spokesman says they don’t have any suspects right now. Allen did provide a concealed carry permit to police and is not facing any charges.


Who said we don’t need high capacity magazines? I thought that high capacity magazines were only needed for murdering people?

It looks like James Allen’s high capacity magazine saved his life; not the other way around.

Plainly put, sometimes defensive shootings do not end after a few rounds are fired off. Most do end after a few shots, but not always; and we shouldn’t be forced to bet our lives on it.

Had James been living in NY his six round limit may have gotten him killed, or had he ignored the six round limit he would be facing jail time for defending himself.

This is why these legal battles over little things like magazine capacity is so important to fight with everything we got.

Those who want to take our guns away have no inclination to defend themselves, and would never understand what it means to do so.

They have an instinct for preservation, however, and that instinct tells them they have to remove guns because they are to weak to defend themselves against such devices.


Author: Rob

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